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A good place to start would be to speak to local realtors and residential mortgage brokers.

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Q: How do you go about soliciting venture capitalists or investors to partner in purchasing homes for rehabing or remodeling for resale?
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What do you call investors or moneymen?

Investors and money men are called financiers. They might also be called backers, bankers, capitalists, lenders, shareholders, stockholders, and venture capitalists.

How are venture capitalists and angel investors alike?

They both make loans to businesses.

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Capitalists are in favor of a free market controlled by private investors and shareholders and private allocation of property rights.

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What are the duties of angel investors?

Angel investors work in the same way as venture capitalists. Compared to venture capital, angels are much more attached into your business. The major variation is that an angel is usually a wealthy individual and is looking for lucrative investments.

Where Can I Get Alternative Financing?

Alternative financing sources include: bank and non-bank lenders, angel investors and venture capitalists.

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u need to hav sex to hav a baby

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What would be the best way for federal government to attract investors toward purchasing bonds over other investment options?

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What would be the best way for the federal government to attract investors toward purchasing bonds over other investment options?

offer high interest rates

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The group of capitalists who built textile mills in Lowell, Massachusetts, were the Boston Associates. These men were investors by the names of Nathan Appleton, Patrick Tracy Jackson, Abbot Lawrence, and Amos Lawrence.

Why do individuals invest?

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What are some ideas to raise capital for a business?

Some ideas for raising capital to start a business include: One can get a loan from the bank, through venture capitalists, and angel investors. One must have a well thought out business plan, or else it will be difficult to get funding from those sources.

How individual investors likely to be affected by institutional investors?

Individual investors may have to pay more for stocks because institutional investors are bidding the prices up. This can make it hard for individual investors to have a sizable portfolio.

Who are the best venture capitalists for business in UK?

You can use's Group Finder tool to find VCs for the UK- also there are a few lists of very good European investors, here's the links:

How do you get funds for from investors for your company?

There are many ways to get funds from investors for your company. It may be easier if you are friends with investors, however writing letters and meeting with investors will be the best way to get funds.

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Investors provides the funds (business capital) which the company uses to operate. With no investors there is no business.

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By finding investors. Where are these investors

What individual investors prefer bonds?

smart investors

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They raised the money through investors purchasing share of stock.By buying stocks the amount os money an investor earns or loses depends on how much stock the invester owns nd the value of the stockInvestors bought shares of stocks to help finance the costs.

How do you get money to start a new business?

The process of finding funding for a new business generally takes the following steps: 1. Bootstrapping: Finding money from family and friends, credit cards, that rich uncle... 2. Angel Investors: Angel Investors are early stage investors that generally invest in the range of $200k-$2M. 3. Venture Capital: Venture Capitalists generally invest in mature businesses, or companies that have proven a business model or product and need a sizable investment to extend their market or develop/market a product or service. These investments can range anywhere from $1M to $100M.

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