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You technically can't if you scroll through your history with the forward/ back buttons in your web browser. The only way to go somewhere on Poptropica is to physically move your character there.

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Q: How do you go back to a different page on virus hunter island on poptropica?
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What island is after Back Lot Island on Poptropica?

The 35th island (August 2013) will be Virus Hunter Island.

What is the next poptropica island going to be like?

Well since the last island was Virus Hunter island, the next one will be Poptropilis Games 2013.

Where is virus hunter island on the Poptropica map?

It is on the page farthest left, as you click to move to pages left or right.

When did virus hunter island come out on poptropica?

Virus Hunter Island is the 35th island in Poptropica. The island was released for general play on Thursday, September 26, 2013. Paid monthly members had Early Access on August 29, 2013. Unfortunately, the island was still not working as it is supposed to. Several things delayed the release of the island. - Conversion to the new island graphics, including background sound and effects. - A bug with the vehicle, as can be seen by paid members in the Nano-Combat training. - The push for the LEGO Dr. Hare project, which was completed in late August. - The "Create Your Own Island" contest, which runs until December 24, 2013. Virus Hunter completed its preview pages (Pandemic Panic) on the Creators Blog as of August 16, 2013.

How do you save on virus hunter island?

The game saves by itself.

How do you get out of the heart on virus hunter island?

You go out the way you came.

How do you clean up the water fountain mess on virus hunter island?

That is not part of the island quest.

What do you do if you get stuck in the heart in Virus Hunter Island?

If you are stuck (cannot click to exit to the stomach), try rebooting Poptropica in your browser. If you are still stuck, try going to Home, then the Store, and get the Haunted House card, which is the only way initially to leave Virus Hunter Island. Several glitches were the result of programming errors that locked up browsers during the first month of the island's appearance.

Where is the exit in the hand in virus hunter island?

The exit of the hand is at the upper left.

What are you looking for in the recycle can in virus hunter island?

You look for a piece of mail with the name Joe Stockholm on it.

Who is the owner of the Falafel Store on Virus Hunter Island?

He isn't named, so we don't know.

Where is the poptropica disease center on Virus Hunter Island?

The PDC is in the basement of the Green Square video store. Once you have spoken to the conspiracy theorist and brought him the bag of shredded documents, he will give you a fake badge to show to the receptionist at the video store.