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Once you have completed a memory you can go into the memory menu and simply select a completed memory that you want to replay and then choose to replay it. But once you have completed the game, the memory menu, or DNA menu, is not an option in your start menu UNLESS you finish the credits first. As long and painful as they are, if you want to go back and complete all your side missions and what not, the credits have to finish.

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ACB has several types of unlockable memories (though none are presented as "restored"):

- The Lairs of Romulus can be accessed after you finish the first one during sequence 2.

- Leonardo's War Machine memories become available after you meet him during sequence 4.

- The Christina memories slowly become available as you gain more overall synchronization by completing the game's storyline and side quests.

There's also a DLC (downloadable content) pack called "The Da Vinci disappearance", which contains a memory sequence.

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All you have to do is press start and go to DNA. Choose your memory and it would say Replay Memory.

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Q: How do you go back to previous memories on the last level on assassins creed brotherhood?
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