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Q: How do you go to the seashore that's at the start of Kingdom of Hearts 2?
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Is Kairi a Final Fantasy character?

Thats a Kingdom hearts character

Where can you get kingdom hearts 2 final mix on your PC?

ebay......thats about it

When will Kingdom Hearts the keyboard wars come out for ps3?

i'm sure you mean the keyblade wars and also thats fake people make it up but it's real name is kingdom hearts 3 so...

Is there a Kingdom Hearts 1 rom for the PS2 Emulator thats safe?

Using the files from a disc you own is safe. You can illegally Kingdom Hearts ISO files on the internet but obviously some may contain ciruses.

What was the saddest scene in Kingdom Hearts?

*SPOILERS*In my opinion, the saddest scene in the Kingdom Hearts series is at the end of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days when Xion fades away and Roxas starts to cry. It then gets even worse when Roxas is defeated by Riku and it plays the cutscene where the memories of Xion begin to fade. I nearly cried.Put some more opinions, guys! :DOTHER OPINIONS:I think that the saddest scene in the Kingdom Hearts series is either:A) When Axel dies. (Kingdom Hearts 2...*sniffle*)B) When Sora tells Namine that he wants his old memories back. (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories)C) When Xion dies. D: (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days)D) The ending. (Kingdom Hearts 1) SORA WHY YOU NO JUMP?!...Yeah thats my opinions. Lol.

Is Kingdom Hearts part of Disney's Beauty and the Beast movie series?

yes it is its just in realistic form thats all your very welcome.:)

Geographical conditions for tundra?

they are probly mountains so people can sky dive off of them that would be fun. kingdom hearts rock thats a crap answer

Where are all the navi g pieces in kingdom hearts?

wonderland+deep jungle=first pair agrabar+peter pan= second pair and thats it

Where can you get a Kingdom Hearts recoded rom?

thats illegal just buy the game please. the developers need all the income they can get. so they will continue working on the series

What are some Kingdom Hearts poems?

well if you mean poems within kingdom hearts than there are few, 1. thinking of you where ever you are, i pray for our sorrows to end, and our hearts to blend, starting a new journey may be hard, or maybe it has already begun, all the worlds share the same sky, one sky, one destiny. (thats the only one I can think of at the top of my head !!))

How do you defeat cloud in hollow bastion in kingdom hearts 2?

I don't remember ever fighting him there. Care to remind me? i dont remember eather .... thats why im asking =D

Where is the trinity mark in Merlin's House in Kingdom of Hearts?

i dont think there is a white trinity in Merlin's how but there is 1 in deep jungle....where you got the keyblade for that map. and......thats it actually x)