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you use cut on the bottom right end of cycling road, at the end there is also a cave and hidden cave, where you can find gible. it's the only place in the game to find it.

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How do you find gabite in Pokemon diamond?

underthe cycling road on the left it is hidden under cycling road

Lost cave in diamond and pearl?

route 206 underneath the cycling road :)

Where do you find a nosepass on pokemon diamond?

You can find Nosepass in Route 206, underneath Cycling Road, but only when in a Swarm. (Pokemon suddenly found on a route for a day only).

Where do you find a Gulpin in Pokemon Platinum?

In the grass underneath Cycling Road, I think

Where is the secret entrance to wayward cave in Pokemon diamond?

its beside the cave under cycling road you cant see the entrance cause its directly underneath the road if u know what i mean

On Pokemon Diamond where is the itemfinder?

You get it from Dawn(or brandon) at the end of cycling road

How can you catch a gible in Pokemon diamond?

its in the grass under the cycling road

Where is cycling road in Pokemon Diamond?

The 'Cycling Road' is between Eterna and Oreburgh (it doesn't go directly to Oreburgh, but that is the nearest city).

How do you get bronzong in Pokemon diamond.?

you know cycling road? there is a secret cave underneath it, that you cant see because the road blocks it. take the lower path and bump into the rock walls and you will eventually find it

Who is miru in Pokemon diamond?

a girl at the end of wayward cave under cycling road

Where are Gible in Pokemon Diamond?

Gible can be found in Wayward Cave, which is a secret area found under the Cycling Road in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

In Pokemon platinum where is wayward cave?

Wayward cave is located underneath Cycling Road on route 206.

Where is new mauiville on Pokemon Ruby?

New Mauville is located on Route 110, underneath Cycling Road.

How do you get Pokemon 115 in Pokemon Diamond?

Get a Gible in the cave below Cycling Road, and evolve it twice to obtain Garchomp.

Where is the cycling road in Pokemon diamond?

It is at the far south of Eterna City. You will need a Bike first before you can enter the road.

How do you catch a gible in Pokemon dimond?

Gible appears in the wild in Wayward Cave (the cave underneath Cycling Road)

Where is the EXP Share in Pokemon diamond?

south of entera city in the building right before cycling road.

Where is wayward cave in platinum?

underneath cycling road

How can you get Gible in Pokemon?

A secret entrance into wayward cave underneath cycling road. Requires flash (DP Only) and strength.

How do you catch Gible in Pokemon Diamond?

You go into Wayward Cave under cycling road. You will need HM04 Strength and the 6th Gym Badge to get in. There is a secret entrance underneath cycling road, walk about and you will eventually get in. Then use strength to move the boulders and go west, you can find Gible around level 15/16 there.

How do you get gilble on Pokemon diamond?

You can get Gible on Pokemon Diamond in the Wayward Cave hidden under Cycling Road in Route 206. You will need the HM move Strength to access the cave.

Where can you catch a gible Pokemon diamond?

They are rarely found in Wayward Cave, the secret area under the Cycling Road.

Where is the cycling road in Pokemon SoulSilver?

the cycling road is from route 16 to route 18.

How do you get on the other side of the cave underneath the cycling road?


Where to find exp share Pokemon Diamond?

You get it from Professor Rowan's assistant in Eterna City, at the bottom just before the cycling road inside the building that makes the transition between Eterna and the Cycling road.

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