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first use the whip on the statue to get the helicopter up

then tap the helicopter but hold it. dont let the whip go

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Q: How do you grab the helicopter in the Ocean Temple in Zelda Spirit Tracks?
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The answer for where do you get the snake whip in Spirit Tracks?

ocean temple (3rd one)

How do you beat the ocean temple in the legend of Zelda spirit tracks?

This will answer evrything for you:

Where do you get the snake whip in spirit tracks?

ocean temple (3rd temple to visit) located in ocean realm which is the bottom right quadrant of your map

How do you get the ocean railmap on legend of Zelda spirit tracks?

beat the the dark temple floor

How do you get out of the second floor of the ocean temple in spirit tracks?

shut up sorry but no one can answer that

How do you answer the puzzle in Zelda spirit tracks in the ocean temple?

If you get the letter from the locomo, youu blow your whistle in the order of the letter.

In the legend of Zelda spirit tracks in the ocean temple what order do you hit the purple orbs at the start?

left, right, top, bottom

What are Phantoms from Legend of Zelda?

phantoms are the metal guards in the ocean king temple (the legend of Zelda phantom hour glass) and in the tower (spirit tracks )

In spirit tracks how to beat floor 5 in the ocean temple?

you have to try your best good luck, it was easy for me anyway, if your stuck just go on youtube, it will show you.

How do you get the grappling hook in Zelda Spirit tracks?

The thing is, you can't but, you can get a hookshot in the water temple and two hookshots in the sky temple.

Where do you find ocean rabbits in Zelda spirit tracks?

ur ma

How do you get to pirate hideout in legend of Zelda spirit tracks?

there is a hideout when you go on the rout to the spirit temple in the ocean realm you see a pirate flag on a rock and it looks like a base but i dont think you can go in it .