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103 **Blingo the Flashy Fox [Secrets] Ultra Rare: Hip Hop Hibiscus, any seed, any seed

To attract Blingo, you need to enter a secret code when logging in, which can be found on the last page when you purchase the "Buster's Lost Moshlings" book.

Please be aware this secret code is UNIQUE and can only be used once.

If you redeem a code successfully, check out your garden seed bag and plant the Hip Hop Hibiscus seed with 2 others to attract the moshling. When Blingo comes, click on him and press keep, then go back to your house and check him out.

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Does the moshling Blingo exist on Moshi Monsters?

Yes, there is a moshling called Blingo on Moshi Monsters.

How do you get blingo without being a member on moshi monsters?

The code for Blingo on Moshi Monsters is djdude456 Add me, chipschips2000

Has anyone caught Blingo the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

Yes, many Moshi Monsters have caught Blingo the moshling.

Who has Blingo the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

Many members of Moshi Monsters have Blingo. You can visit any member's home and their Moshling Zoo to see if they have Blingo.

What page in the moshi monsters collecters guide has the secret code for blingo?

you cant get blingo in moshi monsters collecters guide.

What is the coad to get blingo on moshi monsters?

the coads to get blingo is djdude456

Who has Blingo on Moshi Monsters?

Many people have Blingo now.

When can you get Blingo the moshling on moshi monsters?

Blingo is available now.

Who on moshi monsters has blingo?

glowingbunny and some other monsters

How do you get into a band on moshi monsters?

blingo moshling

How do you track blingo on moshi monsters?


Is there anyone who has Blingo on moshi monsters?

yes. why do you want you only have blingo get lost.

How do you get blingo 2 times on moshi monsters?

To get Blingo twice on Moshi Monsters, you need to get two copies of the book: Buster's missing Moshlings and in the book there's a code to get Blingo, and because the codes WILL be different, you can get Blingo twice!

When is the Blingo the moshling coming out?

Blingo the moshling has already been released by Moshi Monsters.

How do ou get blingo on moshi monsters?

The Blingo code is in Busters lost moshling book.

How code do you need to get a blingo on moshi monsters?


Is there a cheat code for blingo on moshi monsters?


How did crazymad101 on moshi monsters get blingo?

he type in a code

What object is Blingo from Moshi Monsters?

Blingo the Flashy Fox Moshling is part of the Secrets set.

What is the third secret moshling on Moshi Monsters?

The 3rd secret moshling on moshi monsters is Blingo the Flashy Fox.

What is another for blingo on moshi monsters beside h6fjna9d8y9w?


What is the new way to get blingo on moshi monsters?

tyep in nh

Should I replace Waldo or Pooky with Blingo in Moshi Monsters?


What is the code to get Blingo on moshi monsters and it has not been use?


How do you get blingo easy way in moshi monsters?

to get blingo you need to buy the book "buster's lost moshlings"