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you don't!

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Which California valley is responsible for most of the nation's grapes?

central valley

What fruits grow in the Great central Valley of California?

mostly grapes

What are the wildlife of California central valley?

Farming plants, such as grapes, oranges, apples and much more.

We have grape vines in our backyard with grapes growing i am just wondering When are grapes ready on the vine?

They will be ready when the grapes turn red.

What is the central valley main crop?

Central Valley is a large valley in central California. The main crops include tomatoes, almonds, grapes, cotton, apricots, and asparagus.

Napa is a in California that is famous for its grapes?

Napa is a valley in California that is famous for its grapes.

Alliteration sentence with the word grapes?

Green grapes grow in the gorgeous gables of Gretchen's garden in Georgia

What are some foods in central valley region in California?

some foods are cotton grapes walnuts wheat potatoes cherries

What state is famous for grapes?

In the US, California is famous for its grapes.

What does California use their grapes for?

Raisins, wine, and table grapes

What is the central theme of 'The Grapes of Wrath'?

Moving of people from the 'Dust Bowl' (in book Oklahoma) to California in search of better future, but in California there is only poverty and unfair employers.

What does grapes of wrath mean?

grapes grown in California and the people who cant find work are angry the grapes of wrath

Do garden snails eat grapes?

yes, it is there fav. food.

What are so healthy about grapes?

they grow from the garden and farmer mack it

Do grapes come from Asia?

No. Grapes in America are usually grown in America. I know a lot of grapes are grown here in California.

Would you recommend planting grapes on the California coast or on the plains of North Dakota?

Grapes only grow properly on specific latitude lines and at specific temperatures and humidity levels. The Central Coast of California is famous for its grapes and wineries, much like the south of France. Freezing temperatures will kill vine-bearing fruits; the Dakotas have a tendency to have frost warnings, even in planting grapes in North Dakota would be possible, but a bad idea. Anywhere in California is preferable to the Dakotas.

What do the grapes mean in The Grapes of Wrath?

grapes are grown in California where the family was moving to to find work but the had a hard time so they are angry.

What are products in California?

oranges cattles and grapes

What states grow grapes?

California and Oregon

What crops does California have?

grapes, olives and walnuts.

Which countries do grapes grow in?

Italy and California.

Were do green grapes come from?

Green grapes are also considered white grapes. Grapes are grown on vines, and they might be grown in Italy, or in California. White and green grapes are the same, while red and purple grapes are similar as well.

You have 2 orange trees in your backyard can you also grow grapes?

Yes - grapes are easy to grow and will grow almost anywhere. There are vineyards in Canada and Egypt. Grapes are hardy just make sure you get the right variety for your growing conditions and wants.

Where do red grapes come from?

Red grapes, along with other colors of grapes, originated in the Mediterranean and Central Asia. Currently they can be widely grown throughout the world.

Does ma have doubts about California in The Grapes of Wrath?


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