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visit your friends,race in the stadium,feed,clean or brush your friends

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Cheats in pet society?

how to upgrade my paw points in pet society

How many paw points do you need to get to level 24 on pet society?

You need 1400 paw points to get on to level 24 !!!

How do you be on level 47 on pet society?

you do it by getting 420.000 paw points .

What new thing do you get everytime you move up a level on pet society?

Taken from Pet Society Chatter: Level 1 0 Paw Points Getting Started N/A Level 2 20 Paw Points New Arrival Basic Ball Level 3 50 Paw Points Learner Basic Frisbee Level 4 100 Paw Points Playful Pet Basic Skipping Rope Level 5 250 Paw Points Fresh Face Room 2 added to your house, Portable TV Level 6 500 Paw Points Promising Prospect Better Soap Level 7 750 Paw Points One To Watch Better Ball Level 8 1,000 Paw Points Growing Talent Better Brush Level 9 1,500 Paw Points High Achiever Better Frisbee Level 10 2,000 Paw Points Popular Pet Better Skipping Rope Level 11 2,500 Paw Points Influential Pet Room 3 added to your house, Digital TV Level 12 3,000 Paw Points Rising Star Super Soap Level 13 3,500 Paw Points Established Presence Super Ball Level 14 4,000 Paw Points Society Stalwart Super Brush Level 15 4,500 Paw Points Famous Pet Super Frisbee Level 16 5,000 Paw Points Media Darling Super Skipping Rope Level 17 6,000 Paw Points High Profile Pet Room 4 added to your house, Plasma TV Level 18 7,000 Paw Points VIP Pet Lovely Soap Level 19 8,000 Paw Points Celebrity Pet Golden Ball Level 20 9,000 Paw Points It Pet Golden Brush Level 21 10,000 Paw Points A-List Pet Golden Frisbee Level 22 11,000 Paw Points Renowned Pet Golden Skipping Rope Level 23 12,000 Paw Points Superstar Pet Room 5 added to your house Level 24 14,000 Paw Points Hollywood Pet Aqua Soap Level 25 18,000 Paw Points Megastar Pet Pro Ball Level 26 24,000 Paw Points Platinum Pet Crystal Brush Level 27 32,000 Paw Points Uberstar Pet Star Frisbee Level 28 42,000 Paw Points Ultimate Achiever Expert Skipping Rope Level 29 54,000 Paw Points Superb Pet Room 6 added to your house Level 30 68,000 Paw Points Heroic Pet Golden Star Soap Level 31 84,000 Paw Points Royal Pet Crystal Ball Level 32 102,000 Paw Points Historic Pet Ruby Brush Level 33 122,000 Paw Points Super Pet Gem Frisbee Level 34 144,000 Paw Points All-Time Great Star Skipping Rope Level 35 166,000 Paw Points Ultimate Pet Room 7 added to your house Level 36 188,000 Paw Points Ruby Renowned Pet Heart Soap Level 37 210,000 Paw Points Ruby Superstar Pet Ruby Ball Level 38 232,000 Paw Points Ruby Hollywood Pet Sapphire Brush Level 39 254,000 Paw Points Ruby Megastar Pet Sapphire Frisbee Level 40 276,000 Paw Points Ruby Platinum Pet Ruby Skipping Rope Level 41 298,000 Ruby Uberstar Pet Room 8 added to your house Level 42 310,000 Paw Points Ruby Ultimate Achiever Pet Sapphire Heart Soap Level 43 332,000 Paw Points Ruby Superb Pet Sapphire Ball Level 44 354,000 Paw Points Ruby Heroic Pet Rainbow Brush Level 45 376,000 Paw Points Ruby Royal Pet Rainbow Frisbee Level 46 398,000 Paw Points Ruby Historic Pet Sapphire Skipping Rope Level 47 420,000 Paw Points Ruby Super Pet Room 9 added to your house

How do you earn paw faster in pet society?

visit frens play game wif ur pets or use hack :P

Where can you find cheats for pet society on Facebook to get more paw points and money?

http://www.thebuxbank.com/facebookcheatsThey have cheats there

How do you get a lot of points in pet society?

Well, it actually depends on what type of points your talking about. If there paw points, money, recycling points. Paw Points- You get 20 points with all the races or practices you do, you get them by cleaning any pet in pet society, visiting people... Money- There are points hidden in trees, win races at the stadium, some bananas when clicked contain 1 point, get to the goals and get trophies which get you trophy money... Recycling points- Recycling food, fish... when you get to each box they contain a prize too.

What's the last hex code of pet society coins hack?

The Hex Code Of Hack OF Pet Society Is: 840FFF85C12AFF2Thanks!

How do you race your pet in pet society after all 10 races are gone?

You cannot race, you can just practice, and it's unlimited, but you don't get coins, only paw points....

How do you level up your pet in pet society without doing hard things?

if you are willing to download cheat engine;www.cheatengine.org/after downloading go to:http://patiniox.blogspot.com/2009/09/pet-society-level-maker-paw-hack.htmlI'm level 100 - don't know how, i was doing this step by step, when suddenly my screen went mad, and i was lvl 100the only problem is i cant find a suitable coin hacki can personally guarantee this works as of 10/10/10ORYou can go around hugging people non-stop. You hug them and wait for paw points. You get 10 paw points and it has gotten me a long way.

Easy way to have infinity money and paw points and unlock cafe at pet society Facebook?

do some of the offers for points and put in someone else's contact info so they'll have to deal with it and you just get the points.

What are paw points and where does one spend them?

Paw points are points that one collects when purchase products that are can then be redeemed. One can use them to get pet products such as food, litter items and toys.

How do you unlock a jumprope on pet society?

To get your first jump rope, which will be a Basic Skipping Rope, you must reach Level 4, which is called Playful Pet, and requires 100 Paw Points/Experience.

Where you can download Pet Society Hack v7.58.92?

I know, and I got it but sorry I've forgotten where I got it You just look at GOOGLE "pet society hack tool v7.58.9.2.exe. free download" good luck :)

How To Hack Pet Society?

well it is easy!! i had a secret since last monday i found out that i acctually know how to hack money and level i do create an unexisting furniture and alot of thing i had publish the hack in youtube. if you want to hack you just have to type pet society hack and watch my vedio and you will get to know. 100% working do it now before it band this hack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish you good luck

Where con you find cheats for pet society on Facebook to get paw point and money?

http://www.thebuxbank.com/facebookcheatsThey have cheats there

Any cheats to earn more coins in Pet society?

Visithttp://blog.noobsociety.comthey have a Tricks that will help you to make more coins and also helps you to earn more paw points too. feel free to visit.

How do you take out a pet In free realmes?

just click on the paw if you have a pet..then its out!

Where is the cash shop in pet society?

the answer to that is sooo easy!!!! u see the bar thats next to the coins on the right it shows a circle with a paw on it look under and it says add pet society cash then click it choose how much u want and then pay NOTE: it costs real credit card money NOT pet society coins. :D :p -----

What is the password of the pet society hack v7.58.9.2?

the real password is : 7-3-6-8-4-F-H-7

Cheats for pet society on Bebo?

There are not cheats for any applications on bebo, myspace, or facebook. You can packet hack. But that's illegal. Also if there are any flash games within the app you can hack that with cheat engine. Not as illegal, seeing as you're changing client sided values. Doubt you'd do any of that for a game called pet society though.

Why does your Webkinz pet has the W on its paw?

It symbolizes the "W" in "Webkinz" to show you that it is a webkinz pet.

Cheats for pet society to get more paw points or money What steps do you take Where do you type in the cheats?

i know a way to get coins and paw points. it is pretty easy. to earn paw points u have to have two accounts on facebook.u have to send your most expensive item to the other account's pet society and bye doing this u can get paw points. the more expensive the better, and then u can send it back thru that account to your main one. u can also just go visit other people's pets to get coins win the lottery and meet 50 people(or i believe 20) and u get 50 for each. u dont get 20 for each. clean your friends' pets as well and have alot of friend cuz the more u visit once each day, the more coins u get. be a member of the cafe and the mystery box stuff is big junk and crappy information( may that be appropriate). also clean the pets in the cafe. each fly gives u 20. also everytime u start playing pet society(like, when the loading is there, when the "pet society beta appears and your house zooms up) the people in the cafe change and some of them may have flies around them. don't use cheats and hacks cause it can mess up your facebook account. also win the hurdle races and bet less. thank u

How do you have a job in pet society?

There are no jobs for you in pet society

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