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How do you haggle?

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Haggling is the opposite to the just one price policy found at most stores these days. Haggling has largely disappeared in most parts of the western world. However, for expensive goods such as automobiles, haggling can remain commonplace. Also when buying directly from someone (a neighbor or a street vendor rather than a store) Ideally, you should know the product's worth and maybe the price they charge for it at different places. That, your purse and your eagerness to get the precious object will direct you in offering the dealer a reasonable amount for both of you. Start with a low amount (not *too* low or you'll hear "Nah, thank you. Have a great day!" Not too high either because, of course, you want to save yourself some cash. Suppose a car is worth US$ 6000 Start by offering $3500. Dealer will ask for say, $5500 and in that way you may be lucky and strike a bargain. Hope this helps!

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A sentence using haggle?

No, I'm not willing to haggle with you, the price of this hobby horse is $500.

What is a sentence for the word haggle?

He paid the merchant's price because he did not have time to haggle. The opposing political parties often haggle over the particular language in a Congressional bill.

How do you use the word haggle in a sentence?

I got a lower price because the merchant was willing to haggle.

Does haggle mean to argue?

Haggle does not mean the same as argue. Haggle means a period of persistent bargaining. Argue means to express diverging views, typically in an angry way.

How do you use haggle in a sentence?

The old lady continued to haggle with the fruit merchant over the price of peaches.

What is the definition of haggle?

Haggle means to debate to make a deal. Example: Haggling over the price of a car.

What is the synonym for barter?


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Sentences with haggle?

We haggled with the dealer for a while before agreeing on a price for the painting :)

What are synonyms of the word haggle?

negotiate, barter, discussdeal, chop, argue

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