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ain't got a clue sorry peoples if you could help me that would be great i really don't want them dieing on me i found them last night waht do i feed them ?



listen close, i hhad the EXACT same thing happen to me, and im actually experiencing it right now. Pinky mice are extremly difficult to take care of. and NO they cant go all night without proper care. you need to wake up at least 2 during the night to feed and poop them. also, there mothers would naturally feed them every half hour!!! and every 2-3 hours MINIMUM. what u can feed them is kitten formula and a simulated nipple. these things will cost u under 20 dollars, and they are the most essential.

when you feed them, they should be warmed up, and try rubbing them with warm water(but not too much mice can easily drown)also a good way to stimulate him to feed fom the bottle is to warm the nipple up, my mouse loves that.they should pee everytime you feed them and poop every 3 rd time u feed them. also a good way to keep track of there health is by weighing them. at the moment my 3 day old pinky mouse is averaging about 1.8 grams. after ur mouse gets past the 6 day mark ur ALMOST in the clear. and don't forget they need constant care and warmth. they also cannot go poop on there own. keep them warm but not to warm!!! i hope this helps :

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What do baby field mice drink?

Baby field mice drink milk from their mothers

When can baby mice be held?

The best age to start handling baby mice is four to five weeks.

What is a good name for a newborn baby boy field mice?


What do snakes eat in the wild?

small animals such as field mice and baby bunnies

Are baby field mice born with fur and their eyes closed?

It's dead bro.

Do field mice sleep?

field mice do sleep

Can you put male baby mice in with adult males?

No because if you put a baby mouse/mice with adults they would think it's FOOD! Trust me, I had a baby field mouse and I put it in the cage with the adults and it was gone soon.

Do field mice eat grass?

i am pretty sure that they do eat mice because they are field mice and field mice eat grain and if the grass grows maybe corn crops then the field mice would eat it !!

When do baby field mice stop drinking mothers milk?

At about 4-5 weeks of age.

What are pinkies?

Pinkies are baby mice or rats. In anatomy, the pinkie is the smallest finger on each hand.

Are field mice nocturnal?

no field mice are NOT nocturnal i just did a project on them

Does a dad care for baby mice?

Male mice will not care for the baby mice but they will eat the babies.

What can baby mice eat?

Baby mice need their mother's milk.

Are white mice field or house mice?

House Mice

Can you move baby mice to a new cage at three weeks or should i wait for them to come out of the nest?

At three weeks the baby mice are not fully weaned from their mother. You should keep the baby mice with their mother until four weeks. Then separate the boys and girls. The girls may be housed with their mom.

Do field mice eat grasshoppers?

Yes, field mice do eat grasshoppers. The mice will also eat the larvae of the grasshoppers. Field mice also eat certain plants and fruits.

Do field mice eat lizards?

Yes'' mice eats lizards if they field

Are field mice in NC?

Field mice exist in every state in the union.

Are field mice white mice?

No they are different.

Are there mice on Hawaii?

Yes, there are field mice.

Where can field mice be found?

In a field:)

Where do field mice live?

Field mice or wood mice are rodents that live in forests, fields, and gardens. If weather conditions are harsh, field mice may seek shelter in buildings. These mice like to burrow and are nocturnal creatures.

What plants do field mice eat?

Field mice can eat: Wheat Corn Grains

How to get rido of field mice?

One way to get rid of field mice is to use poison.

Do field mice eat mice?

No,they eat grains.

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