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How do you hatch an egg in Pokemon Diamond?

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Hatching: with your egg in your party get a Pokemon with the "Flame Body" ability, perk, what ever you want to call it in your party as well. place the flame type in the lead or first position just to be safe (not sure if you need to place it in the first spot) then walk, run or bike around anywhere. the summary of the egg will give you helpful updates.

breed any girl Pokemon with a male Pokemon(you will get the female) or any sex with a ditto to get an egg. and to hatch it, walk or ride your bike.

(there is a long stretch of path that is perfect for riding up and down to hatch your egg right by the daycare.)

actually if you have a Pokemon with flame body or magma armor it just makes it hatch faster

I show it only takes 5304 foot steps to hatch an egg.

Well personally , i don't know how i did this but, I put a luxray and a quagsire in the Pokemon daycare and i got a wooper. I have no idea how that happened but now i know how to breed Pokemon.

This is maddoggy you got a wooper maybe because your quagsire was the female and a wooper is their beginning evolution.(just incase u don't know) and how long it takes for the egg to hatch depends on the Pokemon(s) walk, run, or bike a lot

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you run around sinnoh and it will hatch.

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You have to walk around with it. It will hatch faster if you have a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body.

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you can't hatch a pikachu egg on diamond, it hatches in to a pichu.

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To hatch an egg in Pearl/Diamond, all you have to do is walk around with it in your team! Honestly, its that simple. It's best to walk around with energetic, happy Pokemon. The egg will hatch quicker. The more steps you take with the egg in your team, the more likely it is to hatch.

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you walk around for ages and ages and it will eventually hatch

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