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By putting your penis in a women's vagina and pushing your penis up and down hard and push it harder every time.

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Q: How do you have intercourse for the first time?
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Can you become pregnant the first time you have intercourse?

Yes, you can become pregnant the first time you have intercourse.

How do you intercourse first time?

Intercourse the first time is the same as the rest, the male penis is inserted into the female vagina. After a while the male ejaculates, intercourse may be painfull for the first time for the female.

Would you feel nausea after first time intercourse?

You may. First time intercourse is painful for most women. Pain can cause nausea.

Can a female lose her virginity after the first time she's had intercourse?

She will lose her virginity the first time she has sexual intercourse, and she won't get it back.

Why is there bloodshed durin the first intercourse?

After a female has intercourse for the first time she bleeds because her hymen gets broken.

How long it takes time to bleed After first intercourse of a virgin girl?

immediately after the intercourse dear.

Why would a girl feel pain from intercourse?

Girls feel pain the first time of intercourse because it's their first time. after that it may be because there is not enough foreplay to get the girl ready before intercourse begins.

Is it mandatory to bleed for a women during intercourse?

I assume you mean when you have intercourse for the first time and the answer is no, it is not. This is a myth, just like it's been said it hurts for all the first time.

What is losing your virginity?

When you have sexual intercourse for the first time.

Is it true sexual intercourse hurts the first time?


Should you stop the intercourse process if while having intercourse she bleeds because its her first time?

no, that's actually normal

Can you see bleeding at first time intercourse?

Yes, this is common because a membrane called the hymen usually breaks at first intercourse and this leads to a slight amount of bleeding.

Do female virgins always bleed AFTER first time of intercourse?


Is it hard to intercourse first time?

No, it shouldn't be difficult to have intercourse - the first time or the millionth time the vagina is no different. As long as you are relaxed and fully aroused penetration shouldn't be difficult: when aroused the vagina is relaxed, lubricated, opens, and increases in size to allow penetration. If you have difficulty having intercourse then try more foreplay and use a little lubrication too.

Is it possible to bleed after second time itercourse?

There is always a chance for you to bleed with intercourse, you can cause a rip in the vagina, also there is a chance that the first time they didn't actually break the hymen, which is where the blood comes from when you have intercourse for the first time, from the penis breaking through the hymen.

What if I didn't bleed after my first time?

Not all women bleed after their first time having intercourse. If you feel worried about it, consult your physician.

What does it mean when a girl says they lost their vignaity?

When you have sexual intercourse for the first time.

Do all women bleed the first time they have intercourse?

No, alot do but not all women..

What are the most important events in teenagers lives?

First time father has intercourse with you.

Does the hymen always rupture the first time a girl has intercourse?

There is no cherry in a vagina; there is a membrane called a hymen, and it may already be stretched or ruptured from normal activity long before the first time a girl has intercourse. Sometimes the hymen is sufficiently stretched that it allows for intercourse without any tearing at all.

Is bleeding while intercource normal?

For a woman, it's normal to bleed the first time she has sexual intercourse. That is when the hymen breaks. Apart from that, she should normally not bleed every time she has sexual intercourse.

Is there anything that breaks when a man has intercourse for the first time?

nothing on the male breaks. if said male has intercourse with a female and it is her first time, he will break what is called the hymen (a thin layer of skin) thus taking her virginity. but nothing breaks on nor in the male.

Why do girls bleed when they have intercourse for the first time?

not all girls bleed after their first time of intercourse, but most of the time the reason girls bleed is because of the penetration of the hymine (might have been mispelled) is located in the woman's vaginal walls/cavity. the wall is literally stressed and broke down, causing it to be bleed.

Is it true that woman will be sex addict if a man come inside her on her first time intercourse?


How many times will the hymen bleed?

Once only on the first time of having intercourse.