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If you mean how can you get pregnant in Second Life, you can simply edit your avatar's shape in world to look pregnant. You can then wait 9 months, and go purchase a prim baby as though you had the baby.

If you mean how can you actually create a baby, you could do this using the in-world build tools, you could do this by using sculpties, or you could do this by using mesh.

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Having a baby within Second Life usually involves the purchase of a pregnancy HUD

and maternity plan. At the end of the pregnancy the baby is delivered in the form of a scripted prim baby, designed to emulate a real life baby.

It is also possible to adopt an avatar baby, this is usually done through one of the many Second Life adoption agencies.

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Have both of your sims "Relax" in the bed together, then have one sims "Try for baby" with the other sim.

Then, within a day or two, the woman will hopefully become pregnant.

Hope this helped. :)

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There are two main ways in which to have kids in Second Life.

1. Prim babies - these can be bought complete with scripts and are basically an object that is built to resemble a baby and is scripted to make baby responses. For this choice the female avatar usually also purchases a HUD (heads up display) to simulate a pregnancy. At the end of the pregnancy (term length is optional, few Second Life residents choose a full nine month pregnancy) the prim baby is rezzed.

2. Adoption - this is now very popular in Second Life and is classed as a family related role play situation. Second Life residents shape their avatars to have a child like appearence and conduct themselves as if they where children. These children can then be adopted by a second life family.

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by having a boatload of sexual intercourse

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Q: How do you have kids on second life?
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