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Second Life (SL) is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab. This category covers the history, usage, and technology of Second Life.

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Second Life

What are some websites like Second Life with no download?

One alternative to Second Life that does not require a download is called Cloud Party.

Second Life

Is Second life a precursor of how business will be conducted in the future?

I think it is doubtful that major business will ever be carried out using 3D virtual reality games like Secondlife. During the early years of such sites many businesses joined to examine how effective these 3D platforms where for conducting business.

Many of them came to the conclusion that there was no great advantage of being inworld.

Second Life is however one of the best and most unique social communication networks so may well prove useful for business meetings and communication between employees.

Second Life

How do you pick up objects in second life?

Right click on the object and select take. You can only 'take' an object owned by you.

Second Life

Did American apparel fail at its business strategy by closing the virtue store in second life?

Recognizing the demographic of Second Life as a prized market

segment, American Apparel saw a unique opportunity for

marketing, sales, and building customer relationships.

Marketing to a youth audience-a broad youth audience,

ages 18-30-is more challenging than ever because it is fragmented.

Marketers cannot put all of their money into one

thing or another, such as television or print. Instead of targeting

passive viewers of such advertising, marketers will have

to try new channels. American Apparel sees the Second Life

world as a platform to actively interact with and sell to

engaged users, thereby developing a relationship with them.

Raz Schionning, director of Web services, became convinced

that the online role-playing game is the market of

tomorrow. These emerging social computing networks of

online communities sharing interests and activities hold the

potential to redefine customer relationship management.

Schionning recalls, "I pitched the idea to the creative team

here-the people who handle our print and traditional marketing."

American Apparel set out on a bold boundary-pushing

experiment to reach a young, tech-savvy audience and to

explore what the future of the Internet might mean for business.

Schionning commented, "When we think about Web

marketing, it makes sense to not just put your money in banner

panels." American Apparel took an experimental

approach, focusing on long-term added value, "not a profitmaking


Second Life

Can you get pregnant and have the baby on second life for free?

Yes, by makeing your tummy bigger and bigger every week and buying a baby before "labor." Then open the boxed baby while you are at the hospital "in labor."

Second Life

What is the difference between teen second life and adult second life?

Adult second Life refers to the main Second Life virtual grid. Access to this grid is restricted to people over the age of 18, whereas teen Second Life refers to the Teen grid created for people aged 13-17. This grid was closed by Linden Lab in 2011 and is no longer available.

The main difference between the two grids was the maturity rating of the content that could be accessed.

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What are the risks of Second Life?

The risks of using the Second Life platform vary based on what you see as harmful. In some cases the risks could be becoming addicted, and spending hours online in a virtual world.

Other risks include being offended, as the level of free speech in-world is paramount, and controversial ideas, images, and talk are often abundant in any populated public area.

As far as technological risks, it is not possible to have your computer infected or harmed by any scripted object within the virtual world. The scripts are compiled and run on the server, so you don't execute native code, which would allow for potentially compromising the users machine.

So in summary, the risks of using Second Life are equal to the risks of using any large-scale multi-user web service.

Second Life

Does second life charge money?

You are able to use Second Life under a free membership, and you can find many freebies available to you in Second Life. However, if you want to be able to own land in Second Life, you will have to pay a membership fee to do that. Even things as simple as uploading a texture or saving a snapshot to your inventory costs money in Second Life, so unless you plan to walk around looking for freebies all day long, you will probably end up putting a bit of money into Second Life.

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Second Life

How can you have multiple players in Second Life?

you can make as many new accounts as you like in sl but only one per e mail address. The secondlife client will not allow you to run multiple copys of sl but this is easily solved by adding (space)-multiple to the end of the target in your sl desktop shortcut. dont type the word (space) I meant put a space. this will now alow you to run multiple copys if your computer is up to it.

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Who is Ginger Rodgers from Second life?

Ginger Rodgers is awesome, she is a builder and mentor in second life. Ginger is very popular for her witty remarks and her pleasant nature. Ginger has been in second life since oct 2006. Ginger lives in Victoria Australia.

Second Life

How do talk in roblox without the chat menu?

You need the ability from your parents first. If you already have the ability, on the bottom it will say press "/" to type. Press / and you can type whatever you want. Just don't use profanity or you will get suspended or banned.

Second Life
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When you die do you get a second life?

Some people believe in reincarnation, heaven, and some believe in nothing at all. It depends on your religion and beliefs.

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Second Life

Any game online like the sims where you have kids and get married I dont want like second life or anything Please help?

You can find a collection of games like the sims at

i know of one but i really want one too. The one i went on is fun but you have to download it and its only the free version. It is virtual families. i guess it is worth it for just like one try.

Second Life

How do you make cars in second life?

Yes you can make a car in Second Life if you know how to do it.

Graphics Cards
Second Life

Graphic cards required for playing second life?

The minimum requirements for graphics cards to run Second Life using windows xp are :

NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better

ATI Radeon 8500, 9250 or better

Intel 945 chipset

For windows vista and windows 7 the following are required :

NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better

ATI Radeon 9500 or better

Intel 945 chipset

Linden Lab recommends more powerful graphics cards to get the best experience out of the Second Life grid.

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Is second life safe to download?

No, It gave my computer Viruses.

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How do you play Second Life?

Second Life is a free platform. In order to play you need to download the client application from, and your computer must meet the system requirements listed on
Register secondlife and join. Follow the instructions there, which will tell you how to download and install the client program. You then sign into the world by running the client and entering your username and password.
You play secondlife on the download. You DO have to download it to play it, it is virus free and is really great!

Once it is downloaded you can log in. You walk with the arrow keys and click around like normal, right clicking is important in this game too. Have fun!

Second Life

Second life for kids?

Yes you have to be less that 18

Vampire Knight
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How do you become a vampire in second life?

In the Second Life 3D Social Environment, there are many different vampire role-playing systems, Each with different features, social groups, limitations and even costs.

I recommend you investigate as many of them as you can and choose the one that best fits your personal idea of what a vampire is.

Some of the most popular are:

  • Progeny: Vampire
  • Thrust: Bloodlines
  • Hunger
  • Vita
  • CoLA

Try doing a web search on these, and doing searches within second life, you will find a rich community of vampire enthusiasts to fit your tastes.

Second Life

Is Second Life free?

Yes, for basic membership.

Second Life is FREE! You can create an avatar and explore SL as long as you want and never pay a dime. However, most residents find that they wish to go shopping and expand the look of their avatars, and this does cost money. How much money you spend in Second Life is entirely up to you though, just like in the real world.

You only need a premium account for some features such as renting land.

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Where can you find patterns for ferret clothes?

Here are some link to sites for pet clothing - one is how to measure your ferret, the other two are for dog clothing, but you can adapt for ferret clothing.

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Do you have to download second life?

Yes it is a download to play game

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Can you get pregnant on Second Life?

Yes. You can get pregnant on Second Life.

Second Life

Is there any other virtual world games like second life that can be used on any computer regardless of graphics?

All of the 3D virtual worlds have minimum system graphics requirements so will not run on all computers regardless of graphics capabilities. Second Life however can be accessed through SLiteChat, this is third party software that allows access to the main grid but without the display of any graphics. It is very visually limited and only provides limited abilities.

This software is not supported by Linden Lab.

Second Life

Do you have to pay for Second life?

No, the basic game mode in Second Life is free. You will have to pay for a premium account or to buy new clothes, or change hair and skin tone colors if you want them.

To get around this, create a pay pal account, but don't credit it. This allows you to get through sign up. Be ready to contact Second Life's creators if you have problems. They were very helpful when I had trouble signing up.


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