How do you help Katie in mysims agents?

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After you go to Katie's shop go back to your house and then she runs in and tells you she needs your help.
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What is the next MySims game after MySims Agents?

The Game is Called "MySims SkyHeroes" It's title was trademarked in late January. I should be released Between July and September of 2010. The game is about riding an airplane. It will be released on the "Wii", "Nintendo DS", and Win-Mac. There will also be an online connections with it, it will be ( Full Answer )

What do you do after fixing the pizzeria in MySims Agents?

First you tell Gino that the pizza oven is fixed. Then you try and locate the maps that are in the trashcan outside of the park wall, and the other two are in the forest trashcans. You tell Gino then try to find out who did it in the first place.

Where is the train station on mysims agents?

To get to the train station you go by the kid who sells the news paper ,go through the gap in the archway go strait go up the stairs and there is the train station!

How do you get the wetsuit on mysims agents?

To get the wetsuit in Mysims Agents, you have to talk to the zoo manager: Tobor. To get to the zoo(wich is in Bayside to let you know) you have to either take the taxi, or by walking to the exit from the east village, or the open meadow. Once at Bayside, take the reeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllyyyyyy long pat ( Full Answer )

How do you get the panda out of its pen on mysims agents?

If the panda is facing you place the bamboo if the panda is moving ring the bell if the panda's back is to you call out to it if it is sniffing place a stuffed animal down and if it turns sideways shake the bamboo- that's what the town people told me.

Where is Katie and Tobor in MySims Agents?

Katie lives in East Village(section directly right of Town Hall Plaza). Tobor lives in the Petting Zoo, which is only accessed from Bayside.

Where can you get eels on mysims agents ds?

you can catch eels at night in Little Lea Lake because you cannot fish on the bridge in the East Village but you can NEXT to the bridge or on the cement next to Katies House

Mysime agents where is violets cat?

If you're talking about the one for the DS, I know. Go to the east village in front of the house in between Violet's and Katie's. There is a white bow on the floor click 'A' next to it. Show it to Violet and she will say it is Michele's. Go to Michele and returnn them to her. She or somebody will te ( Full Answer )

Where is the jet in mysims agents?

first enter your HQ now go to the top floor and onto the balcony now in the corner there is a platform (if you cant see it it is in the bottom right corner or top right it depends where you are looking from ) now go on to it and press a

How do you get to the snowy mountains on mysims agents?

(For the Wii You go to your HQ, then take the elevator to the top floor. You walk across the rooftop patio outside and there should be a jet plane pad to the right of it. However, note that you can only go to the mountains ONCE, and once you complete the mission there you can't go back.

Where is the stone on mysims agents for ds?

if you are looking for the stone that findsthe secret map it is in the little garden thingy near Martin's house. Find it. Then after you do THAT, there will have 2 martins appear, one is thief v. once they appear, answer "right martin" for every question. that's how far I've gone.

Mysims agents how do you get on shirley's roof?

Go right next to the construction site, there will be a house with a ton of boxes on the side, climb them. It will take you on top of the roof of that house and from there you jump from roof to roof or balance across the wires.

In Mysims Agents where do you find dandelions?

first you go to poppy and ask her (she is the one you did the tutorial with dogwood-the girl) she will be in the Forrest behind the park(through the tunnel) and she will say yes and you go to the stands on the second part of the first stand you press a to examine then you have it.

What do you do after you finish mysims agents on the ds?

If ya mean after ya stop thief V then what ya do is help people like martin, dj candy, and others like that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After you've stopped thief V from stealing the secret treasure and he goes to work cleaning the town, check your contacts list regularly. People with a '!' ( Full Answer )

Who is Faith Connors out of Mysims Agents?

Faith Connors was originally going to be in MySims Agents but was scrapped for unknown reasons. She only made an appearance as a trophy found in the Bayou.

How do you fire agents in mysims agents?

When you are in the HQ, go to the floor plan near the recruit phone. Click on the x over the person and then drag the x on the person you want to fire.

How do you get to the ski lift in mysims agents?

Ok, so you go ask Agent Rosaylin and she will ask for proof so she can give you the key. You have to go to the lodge and go on the computer. The signal will be broken so go get parts from the snowcone machine, the yellow truck, the vendining machine, and two other things I forget. Then print a warre ( Full Answer )

What do you do after you finish mysims agents on the wii?

-Are you asking for after the credits or when Walker says 'Morcubus will strike again!'? I'll answer them both. 1. After the credits come up you have to keep on playing the game. Complete all the dispatch missions then The Nightmere realm will open and you'll get Morcubus and Evelyn back. After tha ( Full Answer )

How do you analyze the hammer in mysims agents?

When you view the screen you will see three atoms which are twolight pink and one light purple atoms. You will begin by addingatoms that are in the lower part of the screen. First, add onegreen atom above the light pink atom and one green atom below thelight purple atom. Next, add one green atom bel ( Full Answer )

How do you get a king salmon in mysims agents?

Here is how I caught my King Salmon! Time: Night Place: Crystal Falls Rod : Regular or Big Fish Movement: Go up and slowly Kind of fish shape: Big Hope this helps!

Will there be a mysims agents 2 after my sims agents?

I believe if you finish all the dispatch missions your mini part two will e waiting... im dont want o spoil what happens :) and yes there is another one coming out. {bet thell make tons of my sims games} Mahlo yes there will be jeremiah

On mysims agents ds how do you help Lindsay find her gems?

Well, go to Violet and she will say she found gems lying on the street and gave them to Mayor Hopkins. So, go to Mayor Hopkins and he'll say he needs proof. So, go to your assistan with the yellow green mized hair and he will give you a picture of Lindsay and her gems and Mayor Hopkins will five you ( Full Answer )

Where is shirley on mysims agents?

On My Sim's Agents for Wii, Shirley is on Main street right past the statue, you go right and her shop is right there.

How can you eat in mysims agents on ds?

the boy with the dog hat on has a candy cart in the afternoon find him, talk to him then click by. after that just click eat and their u go

What do you do after you beat mysims agents Wii?

You can do dispatch missions and go to the places through train. I don't think you can use the jet to go anywhere. (Although I may be wrong) But the game is still awesome!

Where is weather the cat in mysims agents?

Violets cat (Weather) is at the petting zoo. Talk to tabor (petting zoo owner) he will say something about a noise behind the boxes. Move the boxes around and Violets cat (Weather) is there.

How can you get in the hideout in mysims agent?

You sneak in by following Thief V at night. If he spots you or you get to close then he runs away so be careful. The night after you find his hideout you can go in. When you find V's room, you'll see a bunch of frogs and a phonograph. You'll find that these frogs can play a sound if you interact wit ( Full Answer )

MySims Agents how do you get the megaphone?

go on the boardwalk. go behind the surfshop, and there are boxes made like stairs. climb up them and go by the big sign. there are megaphones on top of the sign. grab the megaphone. ta da! a megaphone! :)

Mysims kingdom or mysims agents?

Both games are really fun. :) But it really depends on what you like to play. If you like solving puzzles and mysteries and taking on the cases of Sims who need your help, then MySims Agents is for you! If you like traveling from Island to Island as an Adventurer and helping people out, than MySims ( Full Answer )

What do you do on mysims agents?

I have it on Nintendo ds and wii so u have to solve mysteries that u get from the people on the game. It's pretty fun, and u can go to different places to solve mysteries.

Where to get food for Ashley in mysims agents?

First you need to go to Gino's and get a pizza then go back to Ashley and talk to her,then when a cupcake icon appears that says give food click it and it will give her the pizza.Next she will ask for some King Salmon if it isn't night already lay down in your bed till night.When it is night get a t ( Full Answer )

Will there be a mysims agents 2 on wii?

There were plans for a second MySims Agents game, but it never came out as it was replaced by MySims SkyHeroes. There may still be a MySims Agents 2, but it's unlikely.