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How do you help a drug addict?

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The best way is to keep him in a jail so that he could not get drugs from any where this can cure the addicted one .


Like any addiction or self destructive activity you can't do anything, the person has to want to end the addiction himself. Involuntary participation in "cures" or interventions does not work, jails only change the source of supply (and lower the quality), religion doesn't help, enabling the addict until they "find a way out" only prolongs the problem. Support when they are in program voluntarily is the only option.

2011-03-31 05:26:01
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How can you help a drug addict?

Get him\her to a 12 step program

How do you spell 'drug addict'?

Drug addict is the correct spelling. A drug addict suffers from drug addiction.

What if drug addict refuses help?

that's their own problem

What does an addict do for drugs?

The Addict Eats The Drug.That is why they call the name- Drug Addict.I am not smart im really smart

Is Ashley cole a drug addict?

that is my question is Ashly Cole a drug addict

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Was Bob Marley a drug addict?

he was not an addict, but he did use marijuana and was an alcoholic (marijuana is not an addictive drug!)

Is Macaulay Culkin a drug addict?

No he most definitely not a drug addict i am one of his biggest fans.

Can you be a drug addict at the age of 13?

Depending on what drug you take and how often you take it, you can be a drug addict at any age really.

How do you remove a drug addict from my home?

don't allow the drugs in your home or help him with his addictions

Was molly meldrum a drug addict?

Molly Meldrum is an avid advocate AGAINST drug use and he has NEVER been a drug addict!

Is it more common to find an alcoholic or an addict?

I assume you are referring to a drug addict. Alcohol is a drug. Therefore, alcoholism is a type of drug addiction.

How do you get through to a drug addict so they will want to quit?

There is no way to get through to a drug addict. You can talk to them. Ask them to get help, but until they want to get the help. If you are a parent or a spouse of an addict there are programs available to help you get through being part of an addicts life. You can call your local NA program listed in the phone book and ask about programs for family members like parents, spouse, even for children and see if they have any. They really do work I was married to a man for 11 years that was an acholoic, and drug addict if it had not been for these programs ........... PRAY!!!!!

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Is tough love the best way to help a drug addict?

In my opinion there is no way to really deal with a drug addict. They have to deal with themselves. If you cut them off they don't care. all that's really on their mind is where to get their next dosage.

Is Pete Wentz a drug addict?

pete has been known to take an excess amount of the prescription drug Ativan, but other wise, no he is not a drug addict

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I am a self-confessed tea addict.The addict begged people for money.He is just another drug addict.

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What is a sentence with the word addict in it?

Her shaking hands identified her as a caffeine addict.

How long does a person have to do drugs so that they can be considered a drug addict?

To be a drug addict means that you have to depend on a abusive drug. It doesn't matter as long as you keep using it.

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