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  • All humans will eventually grieve for the loss of a loved one and grief is a lonely road that the individual left behind has to deal with. The only things others can do is listen when that person chooses to speak; phone them every so often and if you feel they are capable of going out take them to dinner or an up lifting movie. The movie and song 'Lean on Me' is just what you have to do for a grieving person. Eventually the person will get over their grief in their own time (each person is different.)
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Q: How do you help a grieving person?
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How do you help the bereaved to make own decisions?

When someone is grieving from the death of a loved one the person is in shock and will go through steps of grieving such as denial; anger; depression; feeling lonely and lost; segregated emotionally from others and in grief counselling it is suggested that no one that is grieving should make any major decisions in the first year of grieving because the grieving person's mind is in a fog-like state and mistakes could be made. Someone in the family or a very close and loyal friend should go along with the person grieving while doing business; talking to a doctor they are seeing or any other business so the family member or close friend can be sure the grieving person is not making mistakes or misunderstanding things that are said to them in business. Sometimes relatives may come out of the woodwork trying to get something from the grieving person that the deceased may have left so it is extremely important that the grieving person be kept save from anyone trying to talk them into giving anything away at such an early date. A grieving person does not get over grief in a few months and it can take one or more years to get over the worst of the grieving.

What are three ways to help a grieving person?

Performing kind actions , Listening , Reassuring , Reporting depression to a trusted Adult.

What are the three ways to help a grieving person?

Offer Yourself Be Respectful Become Comfortable with Silence

What is a nursing diagnosis for dying?

diagnosis would have to be for any person or persons grieving. maybe dysfunctional grieving/ or/ anxiety related to recent family death

Does it help the grieving process to view the body of the deceased?

Yes, because it helps you accept it.

How can you help your girlfriend's grieving process?

I am a girl so I think this answer will help. First, have a talk with her about what she is grieving about so she can let all of her emotions out (this will make her feel better) Second, try to relate with her problem and let her know you are there for her and understand how she's feeling. Third, take her to places so she can get her mind off things and try not to do or say anything to remind her of what ever she was grieving about.

In the story Hamlet what kind of person was Hamlet?

A grieving person seeking revenge for his father's murder. He was slightly insane, but very emotional.

Why might some people avoid a grieving person?

Some people avoid some grieving people because they are uncomfortable to be around the person and don't know what to say to the person. Others may avoid the person because they don't like being around excessive crying and depression. In that case they should help the person get proper grief counseling. The counseling is available in support groups or with ministers, counselors or doctors. Some times they avoid the person because the person has shunned everyone away. If this is the case one person needs to approach the grieving person and get the person help. Sometime grievers put out really negative vibes and does not realize he or she is putting out off putting vibes which repel others from him or her. Grief can make people act really nasty or really resentful. Grief expresses itself in everyone differently. So get to know the person if you don't already. If you do approach the person according to his or her current behavior and do not expect him or her to be his normal self.

What is a sentence with the word grieving?

The man was grieving over his wife's death.

How do you offer your condolences to someone who has lost his father?

* Just be yourself and if you can personally see the person for a short visit do so, but, if that is not possible phone them. Keep the conversation short as that person is grieving and realize there are no special words to help the person with the loss of their father. Just tell them you are sorry to hear of the passing of their father and if they need to talk or need anything you will be there. Often when a person loses a parent everyone flocks around them and since the grieving process is different with each person it is wise to try and keep in touch with this person from time-to-time for a good several months. If you know this person well and after a few weeks then ask them out to a cafe, restaurant or a movie to help get their mind off things or simply keep in touch with them perhaps once a week.

What makes the grieving process easier?

grieving is necessary for healing, and the coping is the easier process to deal with the difficult grieving process. By "BRINDA"

How do you help the bereaved to separate emotionally from the deceased?

Grieving is a personal journey when someone loses someone they loved and were close too and there is no set time for the ending of grief. No one has the right to separate the grieving person emotionally from their loved one and it would be a good idea to look the grieving process up on the Internet and learn correctly how to deal with the griever. The person grieving will in time get over the intense grief, but grief does not totally go away, but life will get better for them in time. Be a good listener and let them lean on you and if they choose to remember the deceased; look at photo albums with the deceased pictures in that album and they cry, let them. Crying is good for the soul and it releases tension in mind; body and soul. Approximately in 2 - 3 months you could help this person find a grief counseling service (most programs are free.) This will put the person in touch with others going through the same type of grief and making them feel less alone.

How do you support someone who is grieving?

Just be there. Recognize that you can't say or do anything that will help. You can't make someone get over the feeling of loss; it just takes time. You can probably help most by helping insulate the person from the insensitive people who don't understand those basic rules. Telling the person that: "God must have wanted him/her" doesn't make the grieving person feel better. "It's Gods will", doesn't help either. When someone says those things it's nothing more than an attempt to make THEM feel better. Most of all, be respectful.

What are the main stages of grieving?

The stages of grieving are universal and experienced by people from all walks of life. The five stages of grieving are denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

What do you say to offer condolences?

You could send a card first and if you are speaking to the person tell them that you are there if they need anything. There isn't much you can say when someone is grieving. Just letting them know someone is there for them is a big help.

Funeral services are too expensive and discourage grieving.?

Funeral services are too expensive and discourage grieving.

How do you get through the loss of your husband?

It not only takes time and the right amount of grieving, but talking to a therapist will definitely help. Instead of asking away on the internet, speak with a therapist or religious person. they will give you the support and tools to begin coping with a loss.

What rhymes with grieving?


Can grief can truly cause a person to permanently lose the ability to reason?

No. Even though grief can prevent a person from making the best decision sometimes, a grieving person still has the ability to reason and make good decisions.

How do you use grieving in a sentence?

Definition of grieving: A verb that means to experience extreme sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death.)Example sentences:The child was grieving after the loss of her grandmother, and her parents divorce.The women was depressed and grieving soon after her sisters death.Grieving after a loved one's death is also known as bereavement.A wide range of feelings and symptoms are common during grieving.The stress of grief and grieving can take a physical toll on your body.Grieving can cause your body to be much weaker.

Why is young Hamlet grieving?

Young Hamlet was grieving because his father died and in one month his mother is already married to his uncle

Who dies grieving her son Romeo?

Lady Montague dies grieving for her son. Her husband informs the Prince of her death in the Tomb Scene.

What are the release dates for The Grieving Process - 2014?

The Grieving Process - 2014 was released on: USA: 7 September 2014

help for disable person?

help for disable person

Death anniversary card matters?

Yes. It is important to the grieving person, family to know that someone else out there was impacted by your loved one's passing away.