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How do you hit a draw in golf?

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A draw requires that the club be moving close to along the target line and strike the ball with the clubface slightly closed. The simplest way is to have a good swing (there's an easy one) and set up with a slight close on the face. Jack Nicklaus describes this method in "Golf My Way." You have to be sure that you're really closing the face relative to your hands, not just rotating your hands so the face is closed at address. Also make sure that you've adjusted your stance so that the ball takes off on the line you intended, not in a pull direction right into the tree that you're trying to draw around. If you overlooked that first requirement about having a good swing, pretty much anything can happen here. One of my favorites is to hit from the outside-in, so that the closed clubface combines with the pull swing to create a spectacular hook to the far side of the next fairway. Another is to swing so hard with the body that the hands can't catch up, so the face is still open at contact, leading to a banana slice just like usual, but even farther from the intended landing area than usual. In other words, if you're not already playing in the 80s, avoid the misery that I've put myself through and just concentrate on hitting it straight.

2006-08-27 19:02:44
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