How do you say golf in German?

Updated: 11/2/2022
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Golf = der Golf

golf = das Golfspiel

golfing (game) = das Golf

gulf (geolog.) = der Golf

to golf = golfen | golfte, gegolft

to golf = Golf spielen

to play golf (game) = Golf spielen

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Q: How do you say golf in German?
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What is German for golf?

In German, Golf is called Golf. It is not the most popular sports in the country but is quite widely played. Martin Kaymer and Bernhard Langer are the most popular German golfers.

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VW is the abbreviation for Volkswagen which means "people's car", and "golf" in German means the same thing that it does in English.

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Exactly the same - golf.

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Le golf (masculine noun).

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How do you say mini gold or just gold in french? Edit: We would say exactly the same, but in Québec we would also say " mini putt" for mini golf.

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$2000 and German mechanic

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How do you say "War" In german? Answer: "Krieg"

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Tranianieren is how you say practice in German.

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