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You hold your finger on the note you wish to play wile the other hand strums that string

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How do you hold a guitar note longer?

hold the string that you're strumming up, it works for me.

What are the numbers on the guitar tabs for?

The lines on guitar tabs correspond to the strings on a guitar, so there are six lines. The numbers stand for the fret you should hold down on the guitar. Note that the top string on the paper is the lowest - sounding note on your guitar.

Should you sing or play guitar?

yes but only if u want to. Can you hold a note? If not better stick to guitar.

How does a guitar form a particular note?

When you hold your finger down on a certain string and/or chord.

Where on the strings of a guitar would you press for a high note?

Towards the body of the guitar. The frets closest to the body of the guitar play higher notes when you hold them down than others.

How do you hold a note drum note on guitar hero world tour on drums?

keep hitting the drum colour like a drum roll

How do you move the neck slider on the guitar hero world tour guitar?

Touch it as the note comes up. (please note that there are certain sections you use it on, not any time) You can also hold and rub at a slide section.

How does the electric guitar work?

you hold your hand as a position of a note then strum it or pluck it the string vibrates and music ccomes out

Do you need to strum when your typing cheats in Guitar Hero 3?

Yes, hold now the note or chord and then strum it. You should hear the note or chord play after the strum.

What do parentheses mean in guitar tabs?

It means that the note(s) endures more than one bar and is still heard in the next one . So play the note and hold it.

How do you hold a drum note on Guitar Hero?

You do a drum roll on whatever colour needs too be held until it ends. :D

What is the lowest note on an acoustic guitar and where is it on a bass guitar?

The lowest note on an acoustic guitar is an open E, on the E string. the equivalent note on a bass guitar is the second fret of the D string, or the 7th fret of the A string, or the 12 fret of the E string..

What note is on the a string and the third fret on a guitar?

That is the note "C".

How do you feed back on an electric guitar?

Basically you play a note or chord (chord works best) and hold it, let it ring, then you go right up to your guitar amp and hold the guitar right up to the speaker then you slowly turn the volume on the amp up until you hear feedback. And, while the guitar is feeding back, you can shake the guitar, or wiggle the volume knob a little to get a tremolo effect. Just mess around and experament.

What guitar and a bass guitar sound difference is there?

A bass guitar is an octave lower than a guitar, for example the first string on a guitar is an E string that produces an E note when struck, the first string on a four string bass guitar is an E also and when struck also produces an E note, just this note is an octave lower than the guitars

How do you play the B note on a guitar?


What is the lowest note on the guitar?


What does Cv2 mean on guitar?

its a note

What is the lowest note on a guitar?

With standard tuning the lowest note on a guitar is an E played on the first string. (The low E string.)

Why can't a note on an electric guitar break glass?

An electric guitar cannot produce the note with the proper wavelength to break glass.

How do you enter the Guitar Hero 3 cheats correctly?

Hold down the note or chord and strum. You should hear the note play. Then put in the next note or chord and strum.... When you get done entering the code it should tell you what the code you put it unlocks.

What is the proper way to hold a guitar?

I think the guitar is pointing to the left

How do you enter the unlock everything cheat in guitar hero 3 I do not understand how to put it in when i read the cheat?

To enter cheats in guitar hero 3, go to the options menu, cheats, enter cheat. It will bring you to a menu where you have to hold down the relevant notes as to frets on the guitar neck and strum them. example. GR - Hold down the green and red fret, and strum. Release and hold down the next note, strum. release. etc.

What is the lowest and highest note for the guitar?

Lowest note for an electric guitar is E, highest note 22nd fret of top E string bent upwards its possible to hit F

Can a note on an electric guitar break glass?