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either ethernet router or wifi router


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The letter WAN means Wide Area Network and basically means a network connection to a wide network, which is considered your ISP. It is a simple hookup, either modem to computer or modem to router to computer.

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider.

No. ISP means "Internet service provider."

ISP means Internet Service Provider, such as AOL

ISP is an Internet Service Provider. It is not "on your computer" per se. Your computer connects to your ISP over a telephone wire, coaxial cable, or fiber optic cable, and the ISP serves as your gateway to the Internet. Examples of ISPs are Verizon FiOS, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, AT&T

An ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. It is the service that you pay for that provides actual Internet access on a computer. With ISP you can surf the web.

Not usually. Typically "network" is referred to as being your home network. This includes any computers you have wired to a router or any wireless computers accessing your wireless access point (can be the same as your router) if you have one. The ISP is the company that provides you access to the internet. This is a typical setup where "network" is anything that is connected to the left of the modem. Computer -> DSL/Cable Modem -> ISP -> Internet

Every time you go on-line, your computer communicates with the computer of your service provider (ISP). The modem in your computer sends a small package of information to the file server of your ISP - this lets the ISP know you're wanting internet access. The technical term is 'handshaking'.

A modem is connected to a computer and a phone line. When the internet is required the modem dials up and ISP and connects to the ISP computers by a phone call. The phone call remains connected to the ISP computer until access to the internet is no longer required.

No, not all computers have an ISP (Internet Service Provider). An ISP is the service provider that you pay to get internet access from. Seeing as this is an optional part of owning/using a computer, not everybody has one. If instead of "ISP address" you meant "IP address", not all computers have this either. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is given to you by your ISP. So, going back to how having an ISP is optional, not all computers have a set IP address.

by tracing the mac add of that computer by the isp

Computer > Network Adapter > Router > ISP > Internet

Modem is a hardware connect your computer with the ISP, then your computer can surf online.

The question is a bit off. ISP is not part of a computer (hardware) it's a service that enable one to connect to the internet : Internet Service Provider, For example, Roadrunner, Earthlink, AT&T

It can tell you if the ISP is the issue, as opposed to your computer or your own network at home.

If your computer is working correctly a printer should automatically be accepted by the computer. It's not the printer which has to be online; it's the computer. The computer will be online if it has been linked to an ISP; that's an Internet Service Provider. It's the ISP which maintains the connections which connect your computer to the Internet.

A modem is connect to a phone line and to the computer. When the computer wishes to connect to the internet it takes the line of the hook and dials to an ISP. The ISP computer answers the call and then acts as a gateway for the client system. Requests are sent to the ISP computer which receives the necessary data and sends it back over the phone line to the client computer. When the internet is no longer required the client computer ends the call and hands up the phone line.

It is absolutely connected via an ISP. ISP just stands for Internet Service Provider. It can be dial-up, DSL, cable or satellite.

Try and get a hold of their IP. Get their ISP and report them.

The full form of ISP is Internet Service Provider and of IAP is Internet Access Provider. Generally, The meaning of ISP and IAP are same.

You log into your email account and read the email. If you have your email on an ISP server you would need to configure outlook on that computer or browse to the ISP web mail page

Your ISP knows its own latitude and longitude. Your latitude and longitude is assumed to be the same as your ISP.

No. The internet IP address of your computer can change, even if your computer stays in the same location, because your external/internet IP address is assigned to your computer by your internet service provider (ISP). Usually internet service providers assign IPs to subscribers with a network configuration protocol called DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). This protocol picks an IP address from a pool (the IP pool) and assigns it to a subscriber. Depending on how DHCP is configured it can keep that same address assigned to that subscriber for a certain period. This period is called the lease period. When the lease of your IP address expires your computer will get a new IP, even if it stays in the same location (and thus connected to the same ISP). When you pick up your computer and move it to Nigeria, it will certainly move to a different ISP and it will certainly get a different IP address.

The reason why you need an ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) is because the computer, needs to know where to get its First Permission Access. This is important, so it can inform the ISP whether this is an proper format! -------------------------------- Computer_Wizz101

If you are having a problem connecting to the internet, there are several ways to tell if the problem is with your computer or your ISP (internet service provider). First, check your network connections from the control panel on your computer. If your computer says that you are disconnected, the problem is probably with the connection between your computer and your router. If not, the problem may be with your computer itself, your router, or ISP. Check your router's status indicator lights. If they are not blinking normally the problem is most likely with your ISP or the router itself. If not, it is probably a problem with your computer. Answer Check out in this order: System, Program, User...

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