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How do you hook a video game system like a Nintendo GameCube through a computer and play it on a computer monitor?

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Is there a way to connect my Nintendo Gameboy to the Gamecube?

Yes the Nintendo Gameboy Advance can be connected to the Gamecube through the use of a link cable which can be purchased.

What is the VGA in the computer?

The VGA is a port in the computer that allows you to view your computer through a monitor.

Can a GameCube Controller be converted into a Nintendo 64 Controller?

No. But sometimes, you can still use a GameCube controller to play Nintendo 64 games. Some Nintendo 64 games have been converted to use on the GameCube, so for those games, such as the Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition, the GameCube Controller is used. On the Wii, you can download Nintendo 64 games through the Wii Shop Channel. These recommend using the Classic Controller, but the GameCube controller will work in most cases. You cannot physically convert one controller into another, either. The gamecube controller cannot be used to play N64 games.

Where can one purchase a cheap GameCube memory card?

Inexpensive GameCube memory cards are available through foreign electronics sellers such as DealExtreme. However, these unlicensed cards are generally considered inferior to officially licensed Nintendo memory cards. Consumers interested in the genuine product will need to purchase a used card through Amazon or eBay, as Nintendo has stopped producing memory cards for the GameCube.

Can i use a hp monitor with a Dell computer?

Yes. Just make sure that the connector will fit (eg both monitor and PC are VGA or DVI). a VGA monitor will work on a DVI computer through an adaptor, but a DVI monitor will not work on a VGA computer.

What company can one buy GameCube games from?

There are a variety of options for one to purchase Gamecube games. These games are widely available from the GameStop company. These games are also available through the Nintendo company.

Can you get Netflix through the GameCube?

no you cannot get netflix through the gamecube,

Can I hook up an additional VGA monitor to watch TV on through my computer while I am still working at my computer?

Yes if your monitor has the plug ins and is pnp.

When do you know if PC processor is bad?

When the computer is not processing anything at all. The computer light is on the monitor light is not but nothing is processing through the computer therefore no data is coming up on the monitor, not even the startup menu.

Can you watch TV and DVDs through a computer monitor?

Yes, of course. But the pre-requisite is that the television has compatible cable wire to the computer monitor. If not, the DVD and television cannot be watched on the screen.

What is a Unix console?

A Unix console is a CLI interface through which to control or monitor a Unix computer.

What type of devices is a computer monitor?

A computer monitor is both Input and Output. Based on the idea that you view the data through the monitor, it is outputting information. The idea that you could not input data such as an Excel Spreadsheet, also categorizes it as Input device. It is one of the few devices that is I/O (Input/Output).

What cards converts computer output into a video signal that travels through a cable to the monitor which displays an image on the screen?


What are some characteristics of a output device?

An output device is an extra device to a computer is attaches to the computer externally and has a function of taking formation from or through the computer. Examples are a monitor, printer, or modem.

Why is a monitor needed?

If you can see, a computer monitor allows you to see what is on your computer. Of course, there are options to connect your computer to a TV set, but then your TV becomes a monitor. A monitor is a necessary component of a computer as it is a method of viewing the content generated by the computer. There are other methods of viewing content, including projectors, television screens, or on-board screens (such as the case with Laptops, iPads, etc.) but arguably those are simply alternative forms of monitors. There are even forms of monitors for the visually impaired that utilize a brail system for displaying content. Without the ability to interact with the user interface through a monitor, it becomes impossible for a user to utilize the many functions of a computer.

Function of Ports in a computer?

The port of a computer is an interface between the computer and other computers or devices. The function of ports is to connect a monitor, webcam, speakers or other device through a specialized outlet.

How do you get Celebi on Game Boy Advance or Gamecube without using an Action Replay or GameShark?

The only way is through a Nintendo sponsored event, by trading from another game, or by going to the Pokemon Center in NYC.

What is the card that converts computer output into a video signal that travels through a cable to the monitor which displays an image on the screen?

The graphics card.

My Computer is showing a border but i have my setting on Full Screen No Border What is going on here?

Your video settings are not correct for your monitor, or your monitor is not correctly adjusted for the proper height and width of the screen. The video settings are handled through the operating system settings. The monitor adjustments are usually on the front of the monitor at the bottom edge.

How to Choose a Computer Monitor?

When looking to improve your home office or when purchasing a new personal computer, many people will have to choose a new computer monitor. When shopping for a new monitor there are many different monitors to choose from, which can end up being overwhelming and confusing for some. When choosing a new monitor for your home office or computer, there are various factors to consider. One factor to consider when purchasing a new home monitor is the size of the screen that you want. Computer monitor screen sizes vary considerably. Monitors typically range from 14 to 19 inches in size, but can range up to over 30 inches. When choosing a monitor size it is important to consider how you plan on using the computer. If you simply want to use the computer for internet searching or doing professional work, then selecting a smaller monitor should be fine. If you plan on using the monitor for gaming, to watch movies, or for some computer aided drafting, then you may want to select a much bigger monitor. Monitors tend to increase in price exponentially as they get better. When looking for a new computer monitor you should also take into consideration the resolution of the monitor.Computer monitors each have a distinct resolution, which is a measurement of the clarity of the image produced. A monitor with a higher resolution will tend to be much clearer than one with a lower resolution. While they can be more impressive, higher resolution monitors are much more expensive and only benefit people who either play games or watch movies on the computer. Those who plan to use the monitor for more professional purposes may not benefit from the higher resolution monitor. Over recent years many people have begun watching the majority of their television programs through their computers, as opposed to paying for an expensive cable television packages. If you are planning on watching TV through your laptop computer, you may want to look for a computer monitor which can be hooked up to your TV. When choosing a monitor to watch TV on, you will need to ensure that you pick one with an S-Input option.

Does most devices connected to the computer communicate directly with the monitor to carryout a task?

Few computer devices communicate directly to the monitor...the only one is the video card. Some video cards are built into the motherboard, called an integrated video card, and some fit into an expansion slot like an AGP slot, a PCI slot, or a PCI-E slot. In fact, computers run JUST FINE without a monitor attached....the monitor is there only so you know what the computer is doing. All other devices inside or attached to the computer communicate directly through the motherboard. The monitor is the human-readable "presentation" of what is going on inside the computer!

How to Get Cheap Flat Screen Monitors?

When looking for a new monitor for your computer, the latest trend is to get a flat screen monitor.� Flat screen monitors are much sleeker than their counterparts and typically get a clearer image.� While they can be more expensive, there are ways to save money on flat screen monitors. � The best way to get a cheap flat screen monitor would be to purchase it along with a computer.� Most computer and retail stores will have promotions going where they will give away a free flat screen computer monitor if you also purchase a new desktop or laptop through them.�

What card converts computer output into a video signal that travels through a cable to the monitor which displays an image on the screen?

That is the video card. The video card converts the bus signals in the computer into an output which a computer monitor can use. They come with different abilities, graphics processing speeds, amounts of memory, etc.

What type of computer uses a integrated monitor and keyboard?

The most common type of computer with an integrated monitor and keyboard would be the laptop. However, with the advent and popularity of various mobile computing devices, you may want to add various tablets and smartphones to the list as well. In the future, we may have even more integrated computers where the monitor functions as the keyboard through touchscreen applications.

Does a computers graphics card controls the signals the computer sends to the monitor?

All the computers pass signals to the monitors through a graphics card. And its your graphics card that controls the signals to the monitor. A graphics card may be integrated or installed in a VGA, PCI or ISA slot of the main board of your computer.