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How do you hook up Intel camera to dell computer?


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Normally a USB port is where you connect a Webcam. A digital camera is connected to a USB port or a Firewire port if you have one.

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hook up the camera to the computer

Dell S2409W Full HD Monitor is a computer monitor

the port that has the earphones picture :)

you have to get a memory card and hook it in the computer

you get a cord and hook it up to the computer. then hook it to the camera (i it fits) and then if you are using skype then install the type of camera and computer for the hooked up camera. then you should be able to use it.

It does not but you can hook it up to your computer and download the photos that you have on your computer and download them into your PSP.

You can not film yourself without a computer camera. However, you can buy an add on camera pod and hook it up to the right software!

Yes! Anyone can purchase and hook up a security camera kit. Simple instructions and a small amount of computer know how are just about all that is required.

You can hook up any type of monitor to a computer regardless of the company. If the plugin is the same, it shouldn't have any problem at all.

Any printer will work with any computer if it has the drivers. Apple has basic printer drivers for most printers built in but some printers need specific drivers. If you can find Mac drivers for that Dell model printer then all you have to do is hook it via USB or Wireless.

Three ways to read photos from a camera. ( 1)Take the card out of the camera and put it a card reader on the computer or (2) hook up the camera via USB to the computer and the computer will connect to the camera. You have to make sure the camera is on. (3) Finally,you can take the card to a photo center and they can read it and print photos.

There's usually a cord that comes with the camera that has a connection to the camera at one end and a usb or firewire port on the other. If the camera did not come with one, you could take your camera to best buy, Radioshack, basically any electronics place and they would be able to help you with a cord to connect your camera and computer.

There are many selections for camera security systems that hook up to a home computer. We recently had one on our patio that we could watch on the computer through a hdmi connection.

You hook up your digital camera to the computer using a USB cable. You save the pictures on your camera to the computer. Then you unplug the digital camera and plug in your flash drive. You then save the pictures to the flash drive.

u can take photos & load them in ur computer. u can print them whenever u like You can use a USB cord to hook the camera up to a computer and download all the pictures onto the computer. The camera also has a flash card that you can remove from the camera and take to the store and have pictures made from everything on the flash card.

You need a cable that fits the video camera on one end and USB on the other to connect to the computer.

you have to video tape all the scene's and hook the camera up on the computer.Then you have to got to movie maker and string it all together. If you want, you can send it to youtube.

Download the pictures to a computer by SD card or hooking the camera up with a USB. Once all pictures are on the computer hook up the mp3 player or its SD card and drop the picture files on to it.

Your digital camera should have come with a cord to hook from your camera to the computer. Once it's hooked up, a page will pop up asking what you want to do with the pictures and you press "import pictures". If the page doesnt come up, go to My Computer and find your camera on there. The pictures will be in the folders and you can just move them to my pictures.

You can connect using a USB cable, wireless networking, or Bluetooth. See manual at

No. Buy a Winnapauge card or something other card that lets you view video. Threw your computer and will appear on your screen via the program.

use your webcam or camera, then upload it to your computer. another way is that if your xbox is near your computer hook it up to a capture card, try searching youtube about that. If it helped, recommend me! -P

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