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How do you hook up a Blu-ray DVD player to a regular tv?


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You can't you need an HDTV.

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A DVD player cannot play a BluRay disc. A BluRay player can play both BluRay discs and DVDs.

No. All current 3D disc content is HD and so use Bluray discs. You have to have a 3D Bluray player.

According to newer bluray systems will upscale your current DVD collection to 1080i. So not only will it play them but they will actually look better.

Beacaus bluray is newer and they think everybody has a bluray player... eventually it will come on dvd.

no i think they(bluray) cannot be played on dvd's

no. u can only play 'em on bluray players or ps3

A DVD player is a better decision than a BluRay player based on price alone. This type of player is cheaper. A BluRay player may be a better idea because it can also play DVDs and has more advanced features.

can you play burned DVD on a bluray player

No it does not it has a standard DVD player

No. DVD quality will be displayed whether the player is a DVD player or a Bluray player. DVDs won't be the same quality as a Bluray disc of course.

Up-converting refers to the scaling of a standard definition signal such as a DVD output to an HD video format. It does NOT make a DVD into a high definition player and the image quality is not improved with the conversion. A Bluray player will play Bluray discs in HD quality as Bluray discs store HD video content.

Could be nothing more than the Bluray DVD's that you're watching aren't encoded in 5.1 surround.

DVD players cannot play Bluray discs. The lasers and the data storage are different so no data can be read from a Bluray disc in a DVD drive. That is the case whether or not there is any up-scaling available in the player. Bluray players on the other hand are quite happy to play DVDs as well as Bluray discs.

vcr out into DVD in, DVD out into tvhd in

A Samsund DVD Player does come with the bluRay capability. on other ocassions you will need to upgrade your software. To be more sure, check the manual that came inthe box where you purchased the item.

Yes. Bluray players will work with most televisions but an HD television is needed to see the content in HD quality. Blu-Ray players will only operate with a standard definition television using the analog outputs on the player. The outputs are standard definition of course, so the HD quality of the BluRay disc won't be seen.

HD DVD discs can only be played in an HD DVD player. A standard DVD player will not recognize the disc. HD DVD is no longer manufactured with Bluray becoming the single HD disc format supported. Unfortunately, HD DVD cannot be played in Bluray players either. If you want to playback HD DVD, Macgo Blu-ray Player could playback HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs.

The introduction of high definition discs saw two formats launched. Bluray is one and HD DVD was the other. The format war was won by the Bluray system and HD DVD was withdrawn in 2009. Both Bluray and HD DVD are high definition players but note that "HD DVD" is the name of the format and is confusingly close to the generic description of high definition disc players. Bluray and HD DVD are not compatible so a disc of one type will not play on the other format. There are a handful of dual format disc players but they were expensive and few were sold. If you have HD DVD discs then you need to hand on to an HD DVD player if you want to watch them. All high definition discs on sale now are Bluray and of course will need a Bluray player to play them.

To play a high definition DVD, you need a high definition DVD player. There are two types available currently. HD DVD, developed by Toshiba is one and BluRay, developed by Sony is the other. They are not compatible, so an HD DVD will not play on a BluRay player and a BluRay disc will not play on an HD DVD player. BluRay looks like it is the winner in the format war between the two companies over the last years so it is likely that Toshiba's format will disappear in the coming months. Note that HD DVD can refer to the Toshiba format but it can also refer to high definition DVDs in general.

A regular DVD player will not play HD DVD discs. You will need an HD DVD player to use these DVDs.

A BluRay player should play Bluray discs, DVDs and CDs and may also be able to display pictures and other data. The only discs that a BluRay player cannot handle are HD DVDs, a high definition format that was a competitor to BluRay a fews ago.

It is quite likely that the Bluray player is faulty. A badly aligned laser may still be able to read the larger DVD tracks but not the much finer tracks on a Bluray disc. Try some different Bluray discs. If none of them work, it might be time to get the player repaired or replaced.

No it cannot you need a ps3 or a bluray player

Htc550Ic not a bluray player. It is a dvd player.

Hello, dear only if your DVD player is region compatible with the dvds in UK~Hope it will be helpful for u

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