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Ebay has signal switches. Just search for RCA switch. Should cost about $5.00


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Here are the steps in connecting your receiver to the tv. 1 - check your audio/video cables (usually white and red for audio and yellow for video) 2 - attach the video cable from the video output jack of your satellite receiver to your tv video input jack 3 - connect the audio cables from the audio output of your receiver to your tv audio input jacks

There should have been an adapter with the chair that has the red & white jacks and has a headphone-like plug on the other. Just plug the audio cable into that and then into the input side, i think, of the chair. Plug the heaphone-looking end into your headphone jack on the mp3 player and it should work.

Push in the speaker's jack-plug (marked with an earphone symbol) into the audio out socket on the computer.

"The audio setting on the CD player was too high." "The video and audio on the TV program were not synchronized." "There is an audio jack on your computer that you can use for your headphones."

An audio jack and an audio plug are the same thing

The AUDIO jack on the TV is a OUTPUT. The sound comes out of the TV to send the sound (audio) to the Audio Receiver Aux INPUT jack.

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The yellow cable is the video. It plugs into the yellow video input jack. The white and red, or black and red cables are left and right audio. The connect to the audio in or out jacks.

If I understand the question, you are trying to intertwine different functions. Like your ears, the audio input jack receives an audio source, while the audio output jack transmits outputs audio content - similar to your mouth. If you are trying to redirect the input audio directly to the audio output port you will need a "passthru" (aka monitor) function. -P2E

Yes, mp3 player portable speakers hook up to any mp3 player. This is because mp3 player portable speakers hook up to an mp3 player's headphone jack, and all mp3 players have headphone jacks.

On my laptop I'm able to put skullcandys into my audio IN jack, i think it will work the same for you

Charlie Korsmo played Jack 'Jackie' Banning.

A digital audio jack serves the same purpose as an analog audio jack, only it transmits a signal that is digital (1s and 0s) instead of analog (waveform).

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The standard size of an iPhone 4 audio jack is 3.5mm

Easiest/fastest way. Run the sattelite coaxial cable to the "sattelite in" jack on the back of the sattelite receiver, run a coaxial cable from the "out to TV" jack of the sattelite receiver to the "antenna in" jack on the VCR and a coaxial cable from the "out to TV" jack of the VCR to the "antenna in" coaxial of the TV. Then, run audio/video cables (red, white and yellow) from the "video out" (yellow) of the DVD player to the "video in" of the TV and the red and white cables out of the DVD to the red and white jacks of the TV. Audio out (left and right) of the DVD to audio in of the TV. If the TV has 4 in/out jacks to accept component (red, white yellow) cables, run the component cables from the out side of the sattelite box, VCR, DVD and video game seperately to the TV inputs, 1,2,3 and 4. You would then simply use the TV remote to change inputs to switch from component to component. The only coaxial would be the sattelite signal from the dish to the sattelite receiver.

Buy a headphone jack to have a red and white splitter. You can connect the headphone jack to your computer and the audio splitter to the aux. jack on your amplifier. The amplifier needs to be set on the aux setting. You can buy the headphone audio splitter @ Walmart for about 6 dollars.

If it is an audio-output jack, then yes. If it is input, it can be used for a microphone. You can test this by trying headphones or speakers on the jack, this won't damage anything on

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There is no AUX jack per se. Go to Walmart or Radio Shack and purchase a Left and Right Audio jack (red and white) that has the headphone jack on the other end (less than $5). Plug the red and white jacks in the color-coded ports in the entertainment console in the back, plug the headphone jack in the mp3 player/phone, press the AUX function, and viola! This only works with the entertainment package.

The two parts of an audio connector are the jack and the plug.

steven gerrard *edit* no it is Jack White

It can be video, audio but mainly its video and audio together. Found on Wikipedia

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