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Buy a headphone jack to have a red and white splitter. You can connect the headphone jack to your computer and the audio splitter to the aux. jack on your amplifier. The amplifier needs to be set on the aux setting. You can buy the headphone audio splitter @ Walmart for about 6 dollars.

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Q: How do you play music from your laptop through your amplifier speakers?
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Music stops after unplugging earphones from laptop?

No. There are speakers in the laptop. But, if no sound is coming out of them, they are most likely muted. If they are not muted, and they are still not producing music, check the volume of the music you are playing. If this is not the case, your laptop speakers are most likely broken, and are in need of repair.

What are some great sources for bass amplifier head?

An amplifier head is needed to drive a cabinet of speakers to make up an amplification rig for playing bass guitar through. Heads can be bought separately from your local music shop or on-line supplier.

How do you stop your laptop echoing when music is playing?

You aren't going to get good fidelity sound from a laptop's internal speakers. Try a decent set of headphones or earbuds, or get external speakers.

do any joggers have built-in music?

The Jeep Overland has the Music on the Move System which means the parent tray contains speakers, an amplifier and an outlet for your portable music player.

What is a stereo system?

Regarding music: A stereo system has a stereo amplifier which has two output channels (left and right). The system has two speakers (left and right), and some kind of input device such as a turn table or a cd player or a radio tuner. The signal from the input device goes into the amplifier, it is amplified, and is heard through the two speakers.

Can you listen to music with your laptop conneccted to your sterio?

Yes, if your stereo accepts a line in cord, you can connect your laptop to it and play music through it.

1 If you have just installed a new sound card and its drivers and connected the speakers and amplifier You insert a music CD into the drive to test the drive Windows Media Player launches and says?

Insert a music CD in the optical drive. A. Check the volume controls on the speaker amplifier.

Why is my iPod charging on my sony sound dock but my music on my iPod isn't playing through the speakers?

I need to know tonight I have to play music with it tomorrow at 1:00 my ipod is playing music its just not playing through the speakers

How can you listen to music from you computer on stereo speakers?

well i have speakers that automatically work. but if you have a computer there should be a plug at the back (i think) but if you have a laptop like me there is one on the left hand side

Can you play music through wireless speakers on kindle fire?


What size audio amplifier will you need to buy to power four 60 watts speakers 8 ohms impedance Frequency Response 120 Hz - 20 kHz?

There are several ways to drive four speakers. For simplicity, this answer assumes that the amplifier will be a two channel stereo amplifier - one channel for left and one for right hand channels. It also assumes that the speakers will be connected in parallel, that is, both positive terminals wired together and both negative terminals together. The two speakers together will be the equivalent of a four ohm speaker. First, make sure the amplifier is rated to drive four ohms to both the left and the right speaker. Most amplifiers will handle a four ohm load but some are aonly designed for eight ohms. The manual will tell you what the amplifier can handle. The speakers can handle up to 120 Watts per channel when two are used together. To fully drive the speakers, an amplifier of 120W per channel will be needed. However, that is the worst possible size of amplifier to use if you are going to run the system near its peak power output. Here's why: Speakers are able to cope much more power than their rated power. The sound will be terrible but generally, the speakers will not be damaged. Speakers can also cope with a distorted signal from an amplifier as long as the power level is a lot less than the rated speaker power. However, overdrive the amplifier when it is delivering the full power rating of the speaker and the high power distortion is very likely to cause damage to the speaker. The choice of amplifier should either be higher or lower than the speaker rating. A 30W per channel amplifier will still have a great deal of power to offer and the output will be far louder than most people would ever want in a living room. If the amplifier is over-driven, the low power level avoid speaker damage. A 200W per channel amplifier will drive the speakers harder but with a clean signal. If you want to run the speakers close to their maximum level, choose an amplifier of this power output or higher. A note about power levels: True power output is always measured as an RMS figure. Music power is approximately twice RMS power and peak music power is about twice the level of music power. Therefore, if the speakers are rated at 60W peak music power, they actually have a rating of just 15 Watts RMS. When comparing amplifiers and speakers, always make sure you use the same units, RMS, Music or Peak Music. Never mix them.

Can you play music though speakers and listen to the next track through heaphones using your laptop I have a toshiba L450D 128 Is this possible Thannnksss?

If your laptop has a multichannel sound card and your audio software allows you to preview another song while one is playing (and you have sufficient RAM), the answer should be yes.