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How do you hook up a VCR and DVD recorder to a TV?

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You have easy two options.

1: if your TV has video/audio connections then plug the DVD player into the Video/Audio ports on the TV. Connect the Antenna/cable from the wall to the input on the VCR and then connect a cable from the output of the VCR to the TV. Put the TV on 3 or 4 to watch the VCR and on Video to watch the DVD 2: If your TV does not have Video/Audio inputs then connect the DVD to the VCR Video/Audio inputs and connect the VCR to the TV as described in option. TO watch DVD select the DVD as the input for the VCR and then turn the TV to CH 3 or 4.

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How do you hook up a DVD and vcr to a television?

Read the instructions that came with them.

Need help to hook VCR DVD to record it does not have a coax cable on the vcr DVD?

The modern VCR / DVD recorder does not work like the old VCRs. The switch to OTA digital TV has made the tuner less useful and was deleted from most device. VCR / DVD are now used to transfer the data to DVD . You could however attach cables fron an exernal digital tuner/ or cable box/ satellite into the VCR/DVD with the input line to record. (RCA / HDMI/ composite)

What's the easiest way to convert VCR tapes into DVD's?

buy a recorder and a dvd burner for the tv

How do you hook up a dvd player and a vcr to and old rca tv?

To hook up a DVD player and a VCR to an old RCA TV, you will need to examine what type of inputs are available on the TV. The VCR can probably be connected with a coaxial cable. The DVD player will need to be either hooked up with RCA cables or with an S-video cable and two audio cables.

How do you hook up a VCR DVD combo player to your tv?

A VCR DVD combo player is typically hooked to a TV using RCA connectors. They are color coded and connected to the same ports on each device.

How do you hook up a DVD and VCR when the combo doesn't have a coax hook to a television?

you purchase a modulator from best buy or future shop

Which DVD/VCR combo players can hook up directly to my HD TV?

Any reputable combo player will be able to hook up to an HD TV.

How do you copy a vcr tape to a DVD using your tv vcr and DVD player?

You can't, for one simple reason: a DVD player can only play DVDs, it cannot record them. In order to copy anything onto a DVD, you need a DVD burner (or recorder).

How do you hook up a VCR and DVD recorder to a satellite receiver and TV?

See Bob Goodman's book, How electronic things work, latest edt, pg 216 and onwards will give you a clearer picture.

What makes a DVD HDD recorder better?

A DVD HDD recorder is better than a VCR, or a simple digital DVD recorder. Nothing can match a DVD HDD recorder's ability to pause and rewind live TV. If that's something you want, a DVD HDD recorder is the only way to get it with currently available technology.

How do you hook up a DVD player to an old TV VCR combo?

If the T.V. has RCA inputs then you should just be able to hook the red and yellow wires into the TV from the DVD player. It should play

How can you hook up a DVD vcr to a spare tv that is very old that doesn't have anywhere to plug cables in currently have rabbit ear antenna on it that connects to tv with prongs that screw down?

If the VCR and/or DVD don't have the same type of connector that your tv set does, you can buy adapters that will convert from cable to two-prong in order to connect to your tv set. Connect from the OUT connector on the back of the DVD or VCR to the back of the tv where you normally connect the antenna. The antenna is not necessary when viewing the DVD or VCR.

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How do you copy VCR tapes to DVD?

(1) VCR/VHS to DVD Conversion Service - the easiest option that involves the least hassle, but this can get expensive if you have plenty of tapes to convert.(2) Using a standalone DVD recorder - uses a DVD recorder designed to record to DVD without a computer. It will record from analog to digital sources like VCR/VHS players, older cameras, cable TV, camcorders and DVDA DVD recorder is unable to convert copyrighted films. You also have lesser flexibilities when it comes to menus, buttons and chapter settings, but it is the fastest way to convert VCR to DVD. If you can get a Firewire connection between your DVD recorder and source device then you could convert the tape to DVD at even higher quality than using analog connections.

TV Stereo DVD VCR. Antenna cable to vcr. Vcr cable to tv. RCA cables between vcr tv. RCA cables between DVD tv. RCA cables between tv stereo. TV only works with tv remote not through DVD. Help?

put tv arial on DVD. Use DVD remote to change source on DVD from avi1 to tv channel then use DVD remote for tv.

Does the cable signal need to go through both VCR and DVD player and if so do you need a splitter to accomplish it?

Cable hookupyou can string them in order wall to cable box ( if needed ) box to vcr ( for recording ) vcr to DVD and DVD to tv. Mine is hooked up wall to box, box to splitter, splitter to tv ( I have dual tuners for pip ) then coaxial out plugs on DVD to coaxial in on tv ( I don't use a vcr any more but if I did it would be after the splitter and before the tv.) There is no need to send cable to the DVD unless it is a recorder also or if you don't have auxiliary inputs on the tv.

Do I need to purchase separate cords to hook up the VCR to the TV or will they come included?

They will all be included with your vcr that allows you to hook them up to the TV.

How can you record from sky tv?

If you mean a tv show, plug in a VCR or DVD recorder via the scart. If that is too complicated, get Sky+ and all you need to do then is press a button

Can you record cable tv to DVD recorder?

It is possible to record cable TV to a DVD recorder. You do want to make sure you have a recorder and not just a DVD player.

Can I hook my game system into my VCR, or do I have to unplug it and hook it into my TV?

You can always hook it up to a VCR with composite cables and it'll work just fine.

How do you hook up DVD recorder toshiba d r400 to Panasonic tv th 37px60u and my direct tv satdvr?

Run the S-Video from sat receiver to in on DVD Recorder (Left and Right Audio as well). Connect HDMI to input on TV.

How do you hook up a vcr DVD combo without a tuner to your television which has cable service but the vcr DVD combo has no imput device for cable?

You'll need a VCR that already has a tuner (pref digital tuner in case your without cable) The VCR can select a channel and give an output on its RCA connectors, you can record using the VCR as a tuner. Pete

How do you hook up a DVD player recorder to dish network?

The DVD player will connect directly to your TV. Our receivers only have output ports not inputs.

If you have 2 DVD recorders can you hook both of them up to the same TV and play a DVD on the DVD player while you record what you are playing on the other DVD recorder?

No. Why on Earth would you want to?

Are DVD/VCR combos difficult to hook up with "tivo" boxes?

That would depend on the ports available on your TV, and DVD player which would determine if you are even able to do so.