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How do you hook up a VCR player and a DVD player to a HDTV?


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vcr out into DVD in, DVD out into tvhd in


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yes, DVD/VCR can be used with a HDTV.

The output image from either bothh the dvd and vcr, or just the dvd will be filtered and stretched to look better on a HDTV

To hook up a DVD player and a VCR to an old RCA TV, you will need to examine what type of inputs are available on the TV. The VCR can probably be connected with a coaxial cable. The DVD player will need to be either hooked up with RCA cables or with an S-video cable and two audio cables.

A VCR DVD combo player is typically hooked to a TV using RCA connectors. They are color coded and connected to the same ports on each device.

If the T.V. has RCA inputs then you should just be able to hook the red and yellow wires into the TV from the DVD player. It should play

In order to get the full HD experience you need an HDMI cable to connect a DVD/VCR combo to an HDTV.

Sony DVD/VCR Combo Player, SLVD370P

Hook up for a KDL-50R550A, HTS-S600,BDP-S5100, Motorola DCT6400 and a Pioneer VCR/DVD Recorder Combo Unit.

The Sony SLV D380P DVD/VCR is inexpensive.

Any reputable combo player will be able to hook up to an HD TV.

Read the instructions that came with them.

That would depend on the ports available on your TV, and DVD player which would determine if you are even able to do so.

You have easy two options. 1: if your TV has video/audio connections then plug the DVD player into the Video/Audio ports on the TV. Connect the Antenna/cable from the wall to the input on the VCR and then connect a cable from the output of the VCR to the TV. Put the TV on 3 or 4 to watch the VCR and on Video to watch the DVD 2: If your TV does not have Video/Audio inputs then connect the DVD to the VCR Video/Audio inputs and connect the VCR to the TV as described in option. TO watch DVD select the DVD as the input for the VCR and then turn the TV to CH 3 or 4.

you have to install the bigdicK cable to he vaiginarouteR

The don't make HDTV VCR combos as VCRs are a rather dying technology, unfortunately.

The Toshiba DVD/VCR player and recorder will work with your Tivo, but only in analog.

The Toshiba D-VR5 DVD Player/Recorder with VCR has outstanding reviews.

the easiest way to do it would be to go out and get a main receiver to hook all your components into. they can be fairly cheap although as they get better, the price does increase.

The JVC DVD/VCR combo player, unfortunately, only plays DVD-R, and can't play DVD-RW.

Yes, the DVD-V9800 DVD/VCR player includes a remote control, which can be programmed to control other Samsung devices as well.

You will have to use RCA jacks for your VCR.In general you'll want to hook it up to an auxillary channel.The reason is that your VCR is only going to give you standard definition and you'll want to hook your HD TV up directly to an HD Sources.

get a VCR player and hook up it by the back inputs

Panasonic makes great DVD/VCR combo players that will integrate well with your home theater.

You can record from DVD's to VCR's, but only on some players. Toshiba makes a DVD to VCR recorder.

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