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u will find the fair trade simble and thats haw u can tell if its fair trade and if is no fair trade simble its not fair trade

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by the logo on the packet

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you cant

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yes it is

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Q: How do you identifiy fair trade products?
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Advantages of fair trade?

it allows farmers to get a fair price for there products

What products are fair trade fruit?

Lots of products are.

How can you persuade others to buy fair trade products?

because if you do persuade others to buy fair trade products the farmers who make the fair trade will earn more money to live.

What is more expensive fair trade products or non- fair trade?

the fair trade products are the ones that are more expensive, non-fair trade products are less expensive because if the owner of the slaves making the products gets little money from around the world he doesnt have to pay his slaves. it's very unkind

What businesses sell Fair Trade products?

There are many different companies that sell Fair Trade products. A few of the most common companies that sell Fair Trade products are Avon, Domino Foods Incorporated, General Mills and many more that are listed on the Fair Trade website under the Products & Partners section.

Which supermarket in the UK first sold fair trade products?

The Co Operative claim to be the leader in the introduction of fair trade products

Where come fair trade products come from?

fair trade comes from poor country america

Why is there resistance to fairtrade?

Fair trade products generally cost more than others. In order to commit to fair trade a person has to be prepared to spend more money on certain products. Unfortunately this makes it easy for people to justify buying non-fair-trade products all of the time.

How many fair trade products are there?

over 3,000 products from flowers to coffe.

How are fair trade products transported?


What is the difference between fair trade and unfair trade products?


Disadvantages of fair trade?

Often fair trade products are more expensive. also the other worker that are not working for trade get paid less