Fair Trade

Fair trade is an agricultural economic practice that ensures producers from poorer countries or are poor themselves get fair prices on the crops and livestock they sell. Information on fair trade can be shared here.

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Fair Trade

Does safeway sell fair trade chocolate?

Probably but the fair trade sign is so that could be your problem

Fair Trade

List of fair trade items and prices?

chocolate, 52p (coporative) ginger, don't know, hot chocolate, normal price, im not that sure on prices but I'll give u a list of the items !!




hot chocolate



clothes (cus cotton don't come from this country, so only cotton clothes)


fruit (pineapple, bannana's, passion fruit, in other words, fairtrade is stuff that doesnt grown in our country)


Fair Trade

Is fair trade one word or two?

Fair trade is two words.

Fair Trade

How was life before fair trade?

Back when I was a kid, I lived in soviet Russia. There was no free trade, and we was happy gosh darnit! That's all we had and we appreciated it! You youngn's with all your fancy doohicky's and magnets, don't understand. It was good back before the government forced you to not let them force you to do stuff!

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Fair Trade

How do you become familiar with the foreign trade business?

Learning About the Foreign Trade BusinessOne option is to seek employment with a company that deals in foreign trade. That way you will garner hands-on experience. Your other options include college courses, training seminars and books.

The best way is to start to work as assistant who deal with documents for foreign trade, such as invoice, packing list , bill of lading and so on . Learn some knowledge about products, then you can try to do business with foreigners . Finally, you will be familiar with foreign trade business .

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Fair Trade

Why is fair trade important?

Fair trade is important because in many poorer countries, prices are so low that workers are unable to earn enough to live off of. Also, some goods are produced in ways that are exploitative to workers, or ways that are unsustainable environmentally, damaging to the environment in the communities in which the goods are produced.

Fair trade does not instantly solve all these problems, but it aims to potentially address some of them in ways that conventional trade does not.

Fair Trade

Why not might people want to buy fair trade products?

because it reminds them of the process

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Fair Trade

How was irrigation connected to trade?

Irrigation is connected to trade because irrigation gets water to the crops which make sthem grow. After they grow there would maybe be some surplus which they would trade for other crops or items they don't already have.

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Fair Trade

Which country does cotton come from?

Cotton doesnt come from one specific country. It comes from all over the world. Sertain brands come from different places.

Fair Trade
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When is the 2010 norborne soybean festival?

It is always the second weekend in August.

Fair Trade

What does the fair trade stand for?

The Fairtrade Mark is an independent consumer label which appears on products as a guarantee that the disadvantaged cotton producers in the developing world are getting a better deal. For a product to display the Fairtrade Mark it must meet the rigorous international Fairtrade standards. This applies all through the supply chain, from the ginning of the cotton through to manufacture and printing of the garment. In addition to this a percentage of the sale price is returned via the Fair Trade Foundation to the farmers who grow the cotton.

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Fair Trade

How marketing is done through fairs and festivals?

First of all lets start off by calling fairs by their real name, Carnivals. Now your question seems to be saying, "How does the carnival make money?" Well first of all the carnival has a variety of games that appeal to kids who beg and beg their parents to pay for a game. The fact is the games used to be rigged in so many ways I would run out of room listing them, sometimes they still are rigged. That's how the carnival made money before. Now the carnival doesn't need to rig the games. We pay around $1 to $2 to play and for them the prizes they buy are really cheap like 20 cents each. So we end up paying good money for low quality prizes. That's how the carnivals made money in the past and now. Hope this helps :^)

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Fair Trade

What is a fair price to have a deer butchered?

It completely depends upon a number of factors- 1. Most butchers that also handle wild game charge a processing fee that is based by the pound of edible meat delivered to the customer, presently around 50-60 cents a lb. 2. A lot of hunters not only want steaks and ground meat, but also want 'cured' sausage which requires that the butcher stock spices and extrusion skins to satisfy the customer and this will also raise your price at the counter. 3. Any butcher handling wild game has to factor in the costs of maintain extra cold storage, since most game is usually aged in cold storage for at least 2 weeks. For instance, I have a 2 freinds that did well during last seasons' elk hunt. One was charged $169 for around 300 lbs meat processed, including 20 lbs of 'cured' sausage. The other paid $204 for slightly more than 400 lbs of meat processed and at least 50 lbs of sausage. Shop around- Ask your hunting freinds where they go, one butcher may be cheaper, while a slightly higher cost butcher might do a nicer job. Hope this helps.

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Fair Trade

What is trade allocation?

Flood insurance is generally for homes that are in a flood plain. You can talk to your home owners or renters insurance agent and ask about flood insurance. If you don't have one, look info Farmers, State Farm or All State.

Fair Trade

Who buys the most fair trade coffee?


Fair Trade

Is Samsung fair trade?

no samsung is not a fair trade supporter

Fair Trade

What happens when business firm fails to sell its product?

They file for bankruptcy.

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Fair Trade

What country does coffee come from?

The Arabian Peninsula (specifically Saudi Arabia and Yemen) is where coffee was first cultivated and traded.

Today, coffee comes from many countries within a band of about 30 degrees of the equator. Mexico, Jamaica, Hawaii, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sumatra, Java, Ethiopia, and some estate coffees in Central America, North Africa and the Caribbean.

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Fair Trade

Which European city has just hosted the world's largest fashion trade fair?


Fair Trade

What companies support fair trade?

many different companies support fair starde, such as starbucks, some asda products, and definitly the co-operative store

Fair Trade

How many people now work in fair trade?

there are 15.000 people working for far-trade chocolate

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Fair Trade

How does fair trade work?

Fair trade works through a system of standards and certifications implemented by international organizations. Buyers and producers work directly with each other to develop commercial relationships, trust and mutual support. Both the buyers and the producers adhere to a set of Fair Trade criteria established by the International Fair Trade Association for handicrafts, or the Fair Trade Labelling Organization for agricultural commodities such as grapes, used in producing wine.

The producer group agrees to provide good working conditions, safety procedures and adequate health standards for all workers. In addition, democratic working processes must be available for groups receiving a Fair Trade premium. The use of this money is decided upon by the democratically elected workers committee. Producers also agree to use environmentally sound production methods.

Both the buyer and the producer group agree to promote human rights, especially those of women, children and people with disabilities. As buyers and producers meet milestones, they are expected to continuously improve upon these standards.

Certifying organizations provide continuous inspections to ensure that the standards are being adhered to.

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Fair Trade

Was the company town system fair or not fair explain?

While it appeared idyllic in most ways and provided new employees with a

better quality of life then they had previously experienced, it proved to be

a bitter trap. The employer had gained full control over the labor force, a

condition that laborers would regret when wages stagnated and housing

costs rose or when housing costs remained stable an wages were cut.

"I owe my soul to the company store" was the familiar lament. Search for

Pullman as an example.

Fair Trade

What country did fair trade start in?

It started in London

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Fair Trade

How did peoples lives changed in the aids epidemic?

For a starter it ended the free-loving 70s. Hospital Staff started wearing gloves (previously not considered necessary - MRSA and VRE were not problems then). Condoms came into more widespread use because the Pill as a contraception was no longer sufficient as it does not provide a barrier between bodily fluids.


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