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You can identify them by here wingtips and engines. The Airbus A330 and A340 have the same kind of wing tip and are the only two planes with that kind of wingtip. You can distinguish the A330 from the A340 because the A340 has four engines (2 on each wing) while the A330 has only 2 engines. The Airbus A380, A320, A310 (out of production), and the A310 (also out of production) have the same kind of wingtip and are the only planes with that kind of wingtip. The Airbus A320neo with sharklets have similar wingtips to the 737 except the sharklets are taller. The A350XWB have a very different kind of wingtips which are only found on the A350. The 737 has a blended wingtip and is the only plane with wing mounted engines that have the (except for the A320 with sharklets). The 707,717,757,767, and 777 have no wingtips. The 717 has the horizontal stabilizer on its tail. The difference between the 757,767, and 777 are the sizes. Some 737s and 747s don't have wingtips. You can tell the 747 because it has a second floor all the way in the front and not the back

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Q: How do you identify Airbus and Boeing from outside?
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There are many differences between Airbus and Boeing.

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What is the difference between an Airbus and a Boeing?

Boeing and Airbus are the biggest Aeroplane manufacturing companies in the world. Boeing is a US based company and Airbus is a European based company.

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Boeing are based in Chicago, USA. Airbus are based in Toulouse, France.

How do you distinguish between Airbus and Boeing?

airbus is a european company, while boeing is an american company.

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The Airbus A380 is not the only Rival for the Boeing 747.

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