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How do you identify a bird egg?

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Look in a bird book and look for the shell.

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Can you identify a tiny 1 cm bird egg found in Sarlat France?

No dah!

How can you make a bird in text?

(=^) bird in egg =^ bird not in egg(=eyes ^beak)

What bird has the biggest egg?

The bird that has the biggesrt egg is the ostritch.

If you eat a egg are you eating a bird?

No. You are eating an egg. The egg only has the potential of becoming a bird if it is fertilized and incubated. You are not eating a bird.

Is there a live bird in egg?

yes, because it has grown into a bird in the egg

Is it likely that the bird egg you found will hatch?

It depends on how long the egg has been in the cold for (more than 45 min., then very unlikely) but once you find an egg, put it in an incubator or tank with a heater. The heater should be at least 100 degrees fahrenheit. Then, once the egg is safe and warm, research it and identify it, and it will tell you a bit about the bird.

What does a bird lay?

A bird will lay an egg.

Which came first the egg or the bird?


Which bird is born alive?

All species of Birds are born alive in the egg! The only bird born NOT in an egg is a DEAD bird! All birds are born in an egg.

Where did word come from?

the word is the bird.. and the bird came from the egg so..... the egg came first...

What is the weight of a bird egg?

The weight of a bird egg, depends on the species of bird that laid the egg. Some species eggs only weigh a few ounces, where as another species egg weighs 6+ pounds.

What is the smallest egg?

The egg of the fairyfly wasp. A hummingbird's egg is the smallest bird egg.

What bird lays the smallest egg?

humming bird

How does woodpecker develop?

It is a bird. A bird hatches from an egg.

What bird has black and white stripes?

This is not enough to identify the bird. What type of bird was it? How large? Where?

Which bird has the biggest egg in proportion to their body?

The kiwi's egg is the largest in proportion to the body size of the bird. The egg is about six times the size of an egg from another bird of similar size. A kiwi's egg is 120mm long and 80mm in diameter, which is a little smaller than an emu's egg.

Which nesting british bird lays the largest egg?

Which bird lays the world's biggest egg? e

What happens if a bird doesn't sit on her egg?

the egg has to stay warm and the bird will die without warmth

How would you use the word identify in a sentence?

Please identify that bird for me...

Which birds egg is bigger in the world?

The ostrich egg is the largest bird egg

Does the kiwi lay the largest egg?

No. The ostrich lays the largest egg. The kiwi lays the largest egg for a bird of its size. The egg is about six times the size of an egg from another bird of similar size.

Does it hurt to a bird to have an egg?


What kind of bird egg is white with brown spots?

The bird egg you are concerned about is a red breasted nutchtcher.Google it if you do not believe me.

What type of organism is a penguin?

egg-laying mammal and flightless bird egg-laying mammal and flightless bird

The bird that lays the largest egg?

Is the Largest bird the Ostrich