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By model, caliber and serial number.

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It would be almost impossible to identify a gun just by its serial number.

The age of a gun will depend on what kind of gun it is. If you are unable to identify the gun, take it to a gunsmith or gun collector for an appraisal.

Basically impossible to identify with just the serial number.

Books, gun shows, gun shops, pawn shops.

No. It's best to take it to a gun shop to help identify it.

Library, gun shop, gun show, pawn shop

Gunsmiths, gun collectors, gun-oriented internet forums, you might find someone at the gun show who'll know something about it. does not support images so there is no way to see or identify your air gun.

look at it. if it looks old then its old.

Customers are the people with the money in their hands. If they have a gun they are robbers.

You need to Identify the make and model of the BB gun in order to get an answer not the serial number

You first have to identify the gun. "913810" doesn't mean anything. Take it to a gunsmith or a gun show to get it identified then try for parts.

More information is needed. What is the type, model, and specifics of the gun. Your number alone can't identify until we know what type of gun it is

A paintball gun, unlike airsoft or real firearms will have a hopper on top, and will have a co2 tank sticking out of the back.

Your description is of no use. Take it to a gun smith to identify it before a value can be determined.

Impossible to answer since you did not identify or describe the firearm.

Features and maker. I have a w.w.greener, serial # 20367, English made.

send a clear description of gun or a pic......................

If this is a BB gun, then there are numbers associated with it. They start with 799 or 126. I need these numbers to Identify who made the rifle and it will also Identify the model.

You are going to have to identify the model number to determine the age. Take the gun to a gun shop or gun smith for assistance.

Cant identify the gun by this description. please take it to a gun shop for appraisal

If serial number information has been published, you can search through it.

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