How do you identify a printed circuit board mean of shape size number?

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You would have to look inside your computer and take the circuit board out and examine it. It should have the information on it.
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How do you heat the gold from computer printed circuit boards?

Answer . No, you do not 'grind' up the circuit boards containing the gold. You remove the 'ears' and other parts that are plated with gold. You have a few options as to the heating of the gold, which will not be pure and needs to be separated out from the impurities. The best method without produ ( Full Answer )

When was first printed circuit board developed?

Related Photo:. This radio is the first working device to use a printed circuit board (PCB), the electronic technology invented by Paul Eisler. An Austrian refugee in London, Eisler made this radio in 1942, following on f ( Full Answer )

How do you design printed circuit board?

If you want to know a printed circuit board is designed here is the explanation in simple terms. 1. First you decide on the components which are in the design. 2. Need a software in which you can get symbols (both schematic symbols and physical symbols) of standard components and which also all ( Full Answer )

How do you identify an integrated circuit from serial numbers?

Answer . Semiconductor integrated circuits usually don't have serial numbers on them with the exception of VLSIC's (very large scale integrated circuits) or microprocessors. Semiconductors almost universally have two identifiers marked on them. One is a code the manufacturer uses to identify the ( Full Answer )

How much gold is in printed circuit boards?

Typically very less. Selective gold plating is done in PCBs usually on certain pins, mounting holes, edge fingers or guide rails for specialized applications. The amount of gold plated is very less as the thickness of gold plating is very less (typically few microns). So overall amount of gold on ea ( Full Answer )

Why via holes provided in printed circuit boards?

Via holes (vias) are provide in a PCB for taking signal traces from one layer to another. So all multi layer PCBs will have via holes. Vias are also provided for supporting and assembling through hole devices or connectors.

How are printed circuit boards manufactured?

Printed circuit board are electronic circuits created by mounting electronic components on anonconductive board, and creating conductive connections between them. The creation ofcircuit patterns is accomplished using both additive and subtractive methods. The conductivecircuit is generally copper, a ( Full Answer )

What is the lifetime of printed circuit board?

Depends on the material it's constructed from, the application for which it's being used and the atmospherics to which it's exposed. I have printed circuit boards from the very first model of an RCA transistor radio made in 1957 and the circuit board as well as the electronics still work.

What is the difference between Integrated Circuits and Printed Circuit Boards?

to the man in the street: An integrated circuit is something like an eprom ( a small unit like a chunk of chocolate) that is usually soldered onto a circuit board. A printed circuit board is a slab of board with holes in it. (like a smaller version of a pegboard) that has lines of copper or simila ( Full Answer )

How much does a printed circuit board cost?

That will vary depending on the size of the board, number ofcircuit layers in the board, number of drill holes needed, if theholes must be plated through or not, cutouts or nonrectangularshape of the board, quantity price breaks available, etc.

What does a Printed Circuit Board do in a circuit?

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the skeleton of most electronicdevices. It provides not only a solid physical base for thecomponents to be mounted upon, but also the electricalinterconnects (traces) between the components.

How does a printed circuit board work?

A: To make thing to work each independent device must be connected together to work. PCB does nothing else but provide real estate for devices to be installed and copper trace etched on the board provide the connection. To begin with the board is nothing but a copper clad and circuit connections are ( Full Answer )

What does a printed circuit board do?

It acts as a base to mount electronic components on, and it connects those components together in a way that'll make them work as intended.

What is is the hole size on a printed circuit board for a 20 gauge 19 strand wire?

This wire should be very near 0.037" diameter. Most are saying thehole size should be at least 1.25 times this diameter as a minimumso that would be about 0.047" or 1.17mm. This is kind of considereda minimum size. A hole could be as much as 1.5 times the wire sizewhich would be 0.055" or 1.41mm. Th ( Full Answer )

What can printed circuit boards be used for?

PCB or printed circuit board are copper clad that are chemically etched to establish connections with parts installed on it making it a working circuit Today, just about every electronic appliance in your home contains a printed circuit board of some type: computers, printers, televisions, stereos ( Full Answer )

How do you repair printed circuit board?

A broken path can be bridged with a piece of wire, and if it isn't all surface mounted, a broken component can be de-soldered and replaced.

What is the Printed circuit board annular ring spec?

According to the following website: Annular Ring The minimum annular ring on a plated thur-hole is the minimum amount of copper (at the narrowest point) between the hole and the edge of the pad after plating of the ( Full Answer )

Are printed circuit boards poisonous?

The short answer is no, but be careful anyway. The board itself is made of paper and epoxy resin which is nottoxic but is not good for you. The real problem is the componentson the board and the solder. All solder on older boards willcontain lead, but most newer boards use lead free solder as much ( Full Answer )

What is a printed circuit board?

A printed circuit board is basically used to mechanically support while at the same time electrically connecting electronic components by using conductive pathways. The process is very simple. motherboard is a printed circuit ,where all components of the system is connected. Printed circuit board ( Full Answer )

Why are printed circuit boards used when constructing an electronic circuit?

It has a number of purposes. It provides a solid surface to mount the other components onto. It creates the connections in a neat and organized way that would not be possible if you just soldered each component to the next one. It also maintains the spacing to allow heat dissipation.

How a printed circuit board workes?

A printed circuit board (PCB) is a usually flat insulated board with conductors printed on it. It may be single sided, or it may be two sided, or it may have up to 50 internal layers. It is used because it eliminates the time consuming task of hand wiring individual components...they are simply sol ( Full Answer )

Advantages and disadvantages of using a Printed circuit board?

When comparing them to breadboards and stripboards: Advantages - it is a permanent method of producing a circuit - they are custom made so can be very small - they can be mass produced and so economical Disadvantages - can't be modified once printed (has to be completely re-designed) - can't ( Full Answer )

How do you make Printed circuit board?

A: To make one at home you need a copper clad of the right size a way to mask off the copper that is going to be removed and finally a chemical to do just that remove the copper. popular is ferric sulfide.

What does a printed circuit board look like?

Printed circuit boards are typically green or red, with a lot of holes on the surface through which to put the leads of electronic components. An unfinished board will have its traces (lines of conducting material) very visible, until all of the components are added and soldered on, at which point t ( Full Answer )

What acid is use in making print circuit board?

No acid is used. In the subtractive process for making PC boards, one of two etchant salt solutions will be used to remove copper from wheretraces are not desired: . ferric chloride . ammonium persulfate In the additive process for making PC boards, copper will be addedwhere traces are desi ( Full Answer )

What is the fastest way to make your own printed circuit board?

The fastest easiest way is to draw your pattern onto a copper clad board and then etch it in ferric chloride. You can use a permanent marker like a sharpie and draw lines(hint they have to be solid and consistent lines), or you can use tape(I have used electrical tape before).

What does it mean to have a flexible circuit board?

If one has a flexible circuit board it means he has a printed circuit board made out of such materials as paper or plastic. They are used in cars, computers and digital cameras. They allow things to be built lighter and more flexible.

When do flexible printed circuit boards apply the rule of change?

There is no information about when flexible printed circuit boards (PCB) apply the rule of change, however, flexible PCBs are made with identical materials as rigid PCBs but made with photolithographic technology. They are used for their flexibility, space saving and at times where production constr ( Full Answer )

What are the basic steps of printed circuit board assembly?

There are quite a number of various steps involved in printed circuit board assembly. The first essential step is attaching electronic components. This can be done by soldering on the components. The circuit board must then be tested in a variety of different ways.

Where can one find information on printed circuit board repair?

There are several companies that can perform printed circuit board repair such as GoTronic and EY Technology in the UK. If the damage involved is small, one may also be able to find instructions for minor repairs from technology forums such as Tom's Hardware.

How is a printed circuit board fabrication created?

Printed circuit board fabrication is the process of manufacturing PCBs. PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. Engineers designed this fabrication progress and the purpose of PCB is to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components.

What are printed circuit boards made of?

Generally,there are the below kinds materials for printed circuit boards: 1. Rigid phenolic resin laminate sheet of paper substrate CCL FR-1 economy, flame retardant 2. FR-2 high electrical resistance, flame (cold red) 3. Epoxy copper clad board FR-3 high electrical resistance, flame retardant Polye ( Full Answer )

Is the use of a soldering gun on printed circuit boards recommended?

In general no because its easy to overheat theboard and lift pads or even entire traces. However where the board has large areas of copper soldered to metalchassis lugs, if you need to unsolder such connections the onlytool likely to be able to apply enough heat is a soldering gun.

What is the material to make printed circuit board?

The board material is either a paper-phenolic composite ora paper-epoxy composite. The conductive traces are copper . Boards can be made in anything from single sidedto more than 30 layers of copper traces. Many materials have been used over the years and most are suitableas long as they are ins ( Full Answer )