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1. If he tries talking to you just pretend that you didnt hear or carry on walking.

2. Dont ever look him straight in the eye as you might give the wrong impression.

3. If anyone asks you if you like him just shrug it off and say not a chance.

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Help how do you pretend that i dont like a guy that i really do like?

I did this before.ok totally ignore him.don't even look at him.hope this works:)

How do boys act when their in love with you?

usually they either pretend to not like you, or sometimes ignore you. they dont want to show their feelings too much

If you have a Crush on a guy from your old school but he is popular and you are not How would you make him like you?

well first u have to see if he knows who u are then if he does play hard to get pretend u dont like him or dont know who he is

What to do if someone says someone likes you and you dont like them and they dont like you?

there are multiple things you can do... -you pretend like you don't know and stay away from them as long as possible -you can confront the person and tell them how you feel -you can ignore the fact and get on with your life!

How do you not blush in front of your crush?

Easy! Follow these steps: 1) Act like a normal person 2) Pretend hes not your crush 3) Dont act nervous or talk nervous to him/her (or he/she will notice) 4) Dont ask him/her who they like (or they are gonna know that you like them) And thats it. good luck! :)

what to do if you dont like somone but they like you?


What to do if your crush rinds out you like them?

that happened to me before just pretend your kidding but show him you still like him.

Why does your crush stare at you but ignore your texts?

He/She might not be ready to accept that they like you.

How do you get over the fear of telling your crush that you like him?

Just pretend your not even talking to him pretend it's your bestest friend and just say it

If the girl that you like is looking at you should you pretend you didn't notice or look at her?

look at her because if you ignore her she will ignore u and then she will know u like her and maybe then u can ask her out

What do you do when your crush knows you like him?

if your crush knows you like them AND they like you back then you can gradually talk about dating them. if they have said they dont like you back then dont bring it up again

Crush on a guy and one of your workmates were joking and said that you were lovebirds and you had to than admit to the guy you did like him but you dont know how he feels about you what do you do?

Wait, you have made your feelings known and he will either respond privately to you or ignore the incident. If he does ignore what you said then move on, he is not interested in you.

How do you ignore a girl?

It's not polite to ignore someone, tell them politely to leave you alone because you dont like them, dont ignore her because then she will just bother you more to know why you are ignoreing her..

How do you stop a obsessive crush?

look at your mum and say happy mothers day hahahahaha. Ignore the guy you like, if its at your school dont hang about where he does. think about times when you and him were together and pick out all the faults.

Im back in a class with someone i dont like and i cant just ignore them what can i do?

Try a lot harder to ignore them

What to do if your crush doesn't like you and knows you like him?

Pretend as if nothing happened. Just act like you did before you liked him. Like "It's ok you dont like me because I can live without you or/and I'm fine without you." he wil most likely peretend nothing happened or actually begin to like you

What to do if someone admires you secretly?

if you like it then let it be but if you dont just ignore it

How do boys act to a girl they dont like?

Ignore them or tell them to get lost.

What if your crush likes someone else?

Its true that this happens alot. It actually happened to me. I like this guy, and even though I think im pretty, he doesnt like me. He likes this other girl. Whatever you do, dont talk bad about his/her crush. Guys dont like that. Its a total turn off. Also dont be mean to his/her crush.

How do you ignore someone you no longer wish to be around?

the way i ignore people i just walk away or pretend their not there then thy will get the mean like oh that person dosent want to see me or talk to me

What to do when your crush doesnt like your group of friends?

tell him/her that their your friends, they dont have to like them. its not like their crushing on them.

What should you do if your boyfriend bugs you?

dump him. dont drag him along and pretend to still like him

How do you work with somebody that you don't like?

you just try to ignore them. if not talking to that person messes with your job than pretend like you've never met that person.

What am I supposed to do when my crush finds out I like him and ignores me?

Your supposed to comfront him/her and if that dosent work no matter as much as you like him/her you ignore him/her too then.Its that simple.

You both like each other but he is ignoring you now as he don't want any commitment?

you should ignore him too. dont fall for a guy that will ignore you. let him chase after you, dont chase after him