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  • What one girl may find impressive, another may find disgusting, annoying, intimidating, pitiable or otherwise non-impressive. So you'll have to find out yourself what YOUR girl would be impressed by. How? By asking her or her friends questions and making smart guesses. Note that you run the risk of being considered a show-off instead. So maybe you shouldn't try to impress her. If she's not popular you might impress her by simple courting like sending her a flower every day.
  • Sometimes impressing her isn't the best idea- at least, trying too hard can result in errors or embarrassment. A good idea is to be courteous and polite, but other than that, just observe the girl and see her likes and dislikes.

Here are some other ideas:

  • compliment her
  • wear AXE: *some* girls love it (don't use it excessively though- SOME GIRLS HATE IT!
  • ask her how she is
  • tell her she's smart
  • open doors for her
  • offer to carry her books
  • talk to her
  • if she says hi to you when you're with your friends, respond.
  • defend her and stand up for her
  • if she's cold give her your sweater
  • smile at her
  • when she leaves look in her eyes and say good bye, she'll think about it all night
  • if she's mad at you keep on trying to make her laugh and say you'll go through depression without her
  • say she's amazing
  • don't play with her heart
  • tell her you like her

girls love it when u flirt with them but if we don't get the hint we don't like u

but usally we like tall guys dark hair and abs

we love attention expecillay hugs

i am single

Just be yourself and act natural! Make sure you talk to them a lot and get to know them. No guys or girls want someone who is fake.

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Q: How do you impress someone you like?
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Is there an idiom meaning to impress someone?

The idiom means impress someone is egg on

How do you impress a girl using Vasiyam?

You cantNever try to impress someone! It will turn on you trust me! just be yourself if she dont like it then to bad for her!

How do you talk to someone you like?

Just be yourself. Don't try to impress this person by being someone you think they would like. If they don't like you for you then they are not worth your time!!!

What is the best way to impress someone to put you on the student council?

Impress them with your ideas.

You like this guy and he is in your class and you think he tries to impress you does he like you?

He could like you or he could be trying to make someone else jealous.

Do you have a crush on someone i do?

impress them or get to know them

How to impress someone you like?

Well just be yourself! There is no special way to impress someone really. Flirting and being friendly is good to do, and see if you get any response from them. You need to be yourself at the end of the day because they will have to like you for you! but remember teen age attraction is not love

How do you get a girl to like you when she likes someone else?

You try to impress her as much as you can and most importsntly be sweet girls love that.

What should you do if the girl you like likes someone else?

You shoud try to impress her and most of all be sweet and kind to her.

Is it hot if guys have there ears pierced?

Not to me, it just makes them look like they're trying to hard to impress someone.

How can you impress a guy you like at school?

one of the main things you can do to impress a guy you like at school, is by being yourself, there is nothing worse then being a fake!!Or you can try talking about things he like boys like to know when someone agrees......not disagree.i hope this helped,alot

What does Patrick breeding like in a girl?

He likes a girl who is down to earth like someone who doesn't change her looks to impress someone or you know what it means... someone who is quiet{sometimes} someone who he can talk to when he needs to and also someone who he can trust. and is real NOT FAke

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