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how i increase my height at 23 years

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Q: How do you increase my height in 23 age?
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Is it possible to increase height after 23 years of age?

just belive jesus christ .. you will increase your height

Is it possible for girls to increase height after age of 23?

No, there are no known ways for either men or women to increase their height after the age of 23. You might want to try a higher heel :)

How do you increase height by 4 or 5 inch after 23 years?

It is uncommon to grow after age 23, but not unheard of. If you are still growing, anything that would normally increase height will continue to do so - like HGH.

How do you increase height in age of 23?

At the age of 23 you have definitely stopped growing naturally so unless there is some medical aid for this you are doomed to get shorter from here on.

Is there any homeopathic medicines to height increase at age 24?

Is there any homeopathic medicines to height increase at age 24?

How do you naturally increase height after twenty one years of age?

There is absolutely nothing one can do to increase their height, no matter what age they are.

What age does height increase stops?

Usually age 18

Food supplements which increase teenage boys height?

how much can be increase in height by the age of 21 years

Is there any way to increase height by exercise or by supplements after 21 years of age?

No way in hell there is no exercise or supplements that can increase height after the age of 21

Can a girl increase her height at age of 22?

I have got a number of an Ayurvedic docote in Pune who has the money back gurantee ..n he challenges that the height can be increased till 23 and max 25.

Is their any method to increase height after 21 years for male?

It is unlikely that anything can be done to increase the height after age 21years

How do you increase our height in the age 16 give me some tips?

Your height is basically inherited, nothing you can do at age 16 will change the height you are meant to be.

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