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* Permanent height gain is impossible! Those who go into space, however, gain some height because of the lack of gravity -- but this is temporary. Sorry! Your genetics predetermines your height.

* Some people thing that if you stretch every day you will gain height, but this is unlikely. However, if you learn to walk with a straight back, you gain height.

* Perhaps use shoes with thick soles? Actually I think there are ways to potentially increase your size while you are still young and growing through diet and exercise (and maybe some risky hormone treatments). However, once you are full grown -- that's it. For more information, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

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Q: How do you increase your height if you are an adult?
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Does height increase when puberty starts in girls?

Girls grow during puberty and increase in height. Lots of changes happen to girls as they grow into an adult.

Can your height increase?

Yes, when you are young and growing your height can and does increase. When you become an adult then it is normal to stop growing in height although there are some diseases (and medical interventions) that can cause height growth to continue.

Can Growth Maximizer Pro help a healthy adult female gain any height?

No. There's no scientific evidence that any dietary supplement can increase a healthy adult's height.

Do you hit puberty quicker if your an athlete?

No you cannot, but being active can increase your adult height

What is the height of an adult?

the height of your mom

What is average adult male height?

In the US, the average height of an adult male is 5'9".

Can speed height capsules increase your height?

Capsules for height will show side-effects on your body. You can increase your height naturally.

Can height increase after 16 in girls?

tips for increase height in girls

Can dr ayurveda increase the height?

dr ayurveda increase height

How do you increase my height in 23 age?

how i increase my height at 23 years

What is the height of an adult stingray?

the height of your mom

How to estimate your adult hight?

You can use the online prediction height calculator to predict the adult height.

How do increase in your height?

to increase you height you need to sleep for longish periods of time.

Which Games are good to increase height?

basket ball is a game which can increase ur height !!

How i can increase my height?

There is no way to increase ones height. A person will grow until they are out of puberty.

Does atmospheric pressure increase or decrease with height?

atmospheric pressure deacreases with increase with height

Is 173 cm a bad height?

For an adult male, yes. And for an adult female, it is still only average height.

What can increase potential energy?

increase height or increase weight

What is Maxagen?

Maxagen is a pill that claims to increase height. Height cannot be increased in the adult unless through surgery. In persons of less than 21 years old height increase is natural and can only be enhanced by the use of Human Growth Hormone, however, the use of HGH is very dangerous and only used in specific disorders.

Exercises to increase your current height?

There are no exercises to increase height, that has to do with genetics which we are stuck with.

How can a teenage boy increase height?

ecxersise' summing and basketball is the best way to increase height

Will height increase if you lose weight?

Yes you can increase height,but not alot You can increase like 1/2 an inch

How tall are leprechuans?

The average height of adult male leprechauns is 4'4, the average height of female adult leprechauns is 4'1

How can you determine a 15 years old boys adult height?

Usually the adult height of a boy is more or less equal to his parents height. If the parents are both tall then the height will be more than the parents.

Food supplements which increase teenage boys height?

how much can be increase in height by the age of 21 years