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you'll need a few tools search on utube to find them......

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Where can you get the Pokemon HeartGold and Soulsilver sprites?

You could try ripping them yourself by using an emulator (Desmume works fine for Soul Silver)Cause so far no one has them i think.

What does pokeTEX do?

PokeTEX allows you to edit the sprites in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and maybe Platinum.

What program do you use for Pokemon game sprites?

It depends which game your playing, and what version of the game. If its Pokemon Diamond, or Pearl, you need a Trainer Kit which is a software used to hack in-game sprites. This is for the Nintendo DS Only at the moment. If your playing a ROM game on en Emulator, such as Ruby or Saphire, you can just edit the software to make yourself another sprite. Hope it Helped.

What are Pokemon sprites?

Pokemon Sprites are the little Pokemon Images used within the Console games. You can get some Pokemon sprites from here http://www.pokemonelemental.tk

How do you get a Pikachu that has wings on Pokemon diamond?

there are no pikachu with wings. you were probably mislead by some one who created there own sprites

How do you put Pokemon sprites in Pokemon diamond hacks from the computer?

You have to use a ROM pallete editor, I think A.P.E might work, and edit it off the computer.

How do you make Pokemon game sprites?

type Pokemon sprites on Google and then go on Pokemon sprite genorator the website is http://www.dragonflycave.com/testing.htm

Where can one find Pokemon sprites online?

Pokemon Sprites can be found online at the Pokemon Elite 2000 website as well as at Poke Jungle and Dragon Fly Cave. The pkmnsprites account at Tumblr has almost all of the current Pokemon Sprites listed.

What are the different sprites in Pokemon lake?

in platinum the different sprites are UXIE,MESPRIT and AZELF

How do you get sprites from video games?

First, you need an emulator, then you need a ROM file for the game you want, boot up the ROM file and take screenshots of all the different sprites you need.

Where Do You Get A Pokemon Sprite Maker?

Pokemon sprites can be made on paint

How do you get Pokemon sprites?

well first go to map nine then defeat raquia the sprites will appear

How do you put Pokemon sprites on pivot?

on pivot press file and then there will be a option saying insert sprites and you would be able to put in any sprites you want.

Where can you find Pokemon out of battle sprites?

Normally Some legendary pokemon do it, like the Legendary bird group (Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres) have Sprites. All the Main Legendary and that are always in the same place have OOB Sprites.

How do you make your own Pokemon sprites?

Dude, i don't know much about making Pokemon sprites, but i know there are a ton of tutorials on youtube. Try searching.

Is there a Pokemon diamond action replay cheat that lets you be Mario?

You actually can't really become Mario in the game without editing sprites, which are the pictures you see in the game such as the Pokemon and the players, including yourself.

Is Pokémon Diamond better than Pokémon Platinum?

Nope! Pokemon Platinum has better places,new forms of Pokemon,better sprites,you can catch both Dialga and Palikia,and you can go to the Disortion world.

How can you make animated Pokemon icon sprites?

You can make animated Pokemon icon sprites using a variety of software. Examples of such software include Photoshop and Flash.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon sprites?


Where can you get Pokemon sprite pictures big like the ones they fuse on youtube?

go to Google and search up pokemonelite2000.com and get any of the sprites and then go to paint, then zoom in on it and then you have a big Pokemon sprites.: )

What is pokepics?

Pokepic is a program used to change Pokemon sprites in ruby.

How do you make the characters in Pokemon Emerald nude?

By getting an Editor for Pokemon Emerald that allows you to modify the sprites...

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