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no it is not for the psp .. if you want to play mount the iso with alcohol 120% on a double layer dvd you can find it here

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Q: How do you install GTA 4 iso which is of 6GB size. Is it for the PSP?
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Can iron man be downloaded in gta vcs on psp?

You can search the internet for this : "Iron Man skin for PSP VC stories" Download the file. Connect your PSP to the computer and install the skin.

What GTAgames can you get for PSP?

You can play GTA: Chinatown Wars; GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA :Vice City Stories on PSP.

How do you change the bike tire size in gta liberty city stories for psp after puting in the cheat?


How do you put gta 4 on your PSP by a computer?


When will GTAIV be coming out on PSP?

no, but there are two versions of gta for psp.

Can you buy gta san andreas on psp?

No the game does not have a PSP version

Can you get a helicopter in gta on PSP?

download it

Do they swear in gta for the psp?

yes they do

Is there a gta rated T on psp?


How do you get GTAsan Andreas psp?

GTA San Andreas is available on the PS2, but not on the PSP.

Cheat in psp GTAliberty?

cheat for helicopter in gta liberty city on psp

Where can you get a army helicopter in vice city psp?

you can't get a army helicopter in gta vc because you can't fly in gta vc psp