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Installing Server 2008 in a virtual machine is really no different than installing in a physical box; you boot the install DVD in the virtual machine and follow the prompts the same way as booting from the DVD on a real, physical machine.

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Q: How do you install Windows Server 2008 in a virtual machine?
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Can you install Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP in one system as a server and client?

Not on a physical system. If you run one in a virtual machine on top of the other, then yes.

How do you install MSSQL server 2008 R2 in Linux OS?

You don't, it's a Microsoft product that runs on the Windows family. You could run Windows in a virtual machine, I suppose, but that would be of limited use.

You installed a Windows 2003 server on your PC and now you want to install Windows XP?

There are two ways to do this. Either install a software called Virtual PC and install Windows XP on the Virtual PC which basically means you switch on Windows 2003 and then use the Windows XP under the Virtual PC. I just checked and the good thing is you can install Virtual PC from The other alternative is backup your data and reinstall Windows XP on the server. The thing to note, on virtual PC, there is required licensing. Kind regards, Imtiaz.

What is a Windows Virtual Server?

A virtual server is one that creates partitions within a physical server so that it functions as several servers, virtually. A Windows Virtual Server is one that runs on the Windows Operating System.

You installed a Windows XP on your PC and now you want to install Windows Server 2008?

1) Make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements to install Windows Server 2008. 2) Buy Windows Server 2008. 3) Put the DVD in the drive and reboot your machine. 4) Boot from the DVD 5) Install Windows Server 2008

How do you install windows 7 on vmware view?

You Don't! You install windows 7 in a virtual machine with VMware Infrastructure, you then setup the VMware view servers with your AD. Then you install the tiny Vmware View agent on the windows 7 computer which is then streamed through the View server with you windows Credentials straight to you. the computer is not sent to you, instead a video of the computer's screen is sent to you. that is how it works.

Is TorrentFlux compatible with Windows Vista?

If you configure the server correctly, it should work. You could always run Linux in a virtual machine, and install it there. The best route is probably to just install Linux straight onto your machine, though. You don't have to wipe Vista to do that -- Google "dual booting".

How do you install Windows XP Windows 2000 and Windows 98 software on Windows 7?

If I understand your question correctly, you already have Windows 7 on your PC, and you also want to have Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 98 running as well. The easiest way to do this would be to install a virtual machine and operating system. I recommend VMWare Player, which is a free virtualizing system which is compatible with just about any "guest" OS. For example, I have two flavors of Linux and Windows 98 running as virtual machines on my XP host machine. Other options would include the Sun VirtualBox, or Microsoft Virtual Server. I think VMWare Player is the easiest and most reliable.

Install DHCP server in windows server 2003?

How to install the DHCP in win 8 server

What can be used to allow each server service to function from a single system while keeping in mind that if one service fails it does not affect the the others?

Create four virtual machines and install the server OS and a service on each virtual machine. In case of a failure, restore the image for the associated virtual machine.

Where can one acquire a virtual server to host their applications?

A virtual server to host applications can be cannot be acquired. A virtual server is basically a virtual machine, which means it can be run simultaneously on the same computer. The virtual machine acts like a separate computer system though.

Can Windows XP SP2 upgrade to Windows Server 2003?

No, Windows Server 2003 must be a fresh install.