What is a Windows Virtual Server?

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A virtual server is one that creates partitions within a physical server so that it functions as several servers, virtually. A Windows Virtual Server is one that runs on the Windows Operating System.

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Q: What is a Windows Virtual Server?
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What would one use a virtual dedicated server for Windows for?

One can use a virtual dedicated server for Windows for setting up a small businesses that cannot afford a dedicated server, it also allows one user to maintain several virtual servers.

What does the virtual server 2005 do?

The Microsoft Virtual Sever deals with creating virtual machines for several Windows operating systems. The Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 is the latest version.

What are virtual servers When would you use more than one?

Exchange Virtual Server is a clustered Exchange installation. When Exchange is installed on a Windows Server 2003 cluster, it is configured as an Exchange Virtual Server that can be passed between cluster nodes transparently to Exchange clients. 1. SMTP Virtual Server, 2. HTTP Virtual Server, 3.POP3 Virtual Server, 4. IMAP4 Virtual Server and so on To access a network application or resource in a nonclustered environment, network clients must connect to a physical server (that is, a specific computer on the network identified by a unique network name and Internet protocol (IP) address). If that server fails, access to the application or resource is impossible. Through server clusters, Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition and Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition enable the creation of virtual servers. Unlike a physical server, a virtual server is not associated with a specific computer and can be failed over like a group. If the node hosting the virtual server fails, clients can still access its resources using the same server name. A virtual server is a group that contains: A Network Name resource. An IP Address resource. All other resources, including applications, to be accessed by the clients of the virtual server. Other virtual servers. exchange server uses protocol virtual server 1.smtp virtual server 2.imap virtual server 3.http virtual server 4.pop3 virtual server

What is the name of the file used by virtual memory on a Windows Server 2003 system?


Can you install Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP in one system as a server and client?

Not on a physical system. If you run one in a virtual machine on top of the other, then yes.

You installed a Windows 2003 server on your PC and now you want to install Windows XP?

There are two ways to do this. Either install a software called Virtual PC and install Windows XP on the Virtual PC which basically means you switch on Windows 2003 and then use the Windows XP under the Virtual PC. I just checked and the good thing is you can install Virtual PC from The other alternative is backup your data and reinstall Windows XP on the server. The thing to note, on virtual PC, there is required licensing. Kind regards, Imtiaz.

What are the requirements for active directory?

a physical or virtual server windows 2003 CD Domain credentials domain..

How do you install Windows Server 2008 in a virtual machine?

Installing Server 2008 in a virtual machine is really no different than installing in a physical box; you boot the install DVD in the virtual machine and follow the prompts the same way as booting from the DVD on a real, physical machine.

Set up a Virtual Private Server?

form_title=Set up a Virtual Private Server form_header=A virtual private server is a separate server that's running on the same physical machine. What will you use the virtual private server for?=_ Will you need an anti-virus progam installed?= () Yes () No What operating server do you want running on the server?=_

What is a virtual private server?

A virtual private server is a server that looks and acts like a dedicated server but actually is installed on a computer that services multiple Websites.

Which operating systems can be upgraded to windows server 2003 enterprise edition?

Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, Windows NT Server 4.0 (SP5), and Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

Is the remote virtual computing software that comes with Windows client and server operating systems?

Stop Cheating! its Remote Desktop... by: Sean

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