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A bike rack is installed to a trunk by placing straps around and over the trunk. They are then attached to both sides of the rack and tightened until secure.

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Q: How do you install a bike rack to a trunk?
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How do you install bell trunk mount bike rack?

How do you install a BSI bike rack?

To install a BSI bike rack, open the trunk. Attach the two top straps to the trunk lid and close the trunk. Then adjust the straps so that the two lower straps will fit on the bottom of the trunk lid near the key hole. The bike rack should sit level with the ground. Tighten down all of the straps so that it does not wobble.

How do you install rear bike rack?

Watch this video to learn how to install a rear bike rack:

How do you install a trunk bike rack?

The best way is to follow the instructions that come with the rack. If you've lost them, try to find the information on the manufacturer's website. This video might also help: Cheers

Can you adapt a trunk bike rack to a spare tire bike rack?

Physically, it could be done, but it would probably not be allowed under state of federal DOT regulations.

Install a Bike Rack?

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Should you install a bike rack at your business?

It is always a good consideration to have a bike rack at your business location. It is courteous to those who are riding bikes and making our planet greener.

Are trunk bike racks better than the roof ones?

Trunk bike racks use a hook system that safely attach to the trunk of a car or rear door of an SUV. Many have adjustable straps to ensure the rack is secured to your vehicle. These can be very portable and easily removed when not transporting your bike(s) as opposed to a more commonly fixed roof rack.

Can you put a bike rack on public housing?

Each city varies as far as their rules for installing bike racks on public housing facilities. If you wish to install a bike rack on government property, you will want to put in a request with the city.

How do you get bikes on a bike rack?

You use your ARMS to LIFT the bike onto the rack

Repair Bike Rack?

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How do you attach a bike rack to the car trunk?

There are a few ways. Best ones I had sat on 4 rubber cups and were held tight by strong fabric straps to top and bottom edges of trunk.

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