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it can only fit in one way, take the cap off and turn the rotor button slowly while you push in on the distrubter.

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Q: How do you install a distributor in a 1989 Dodge Colt?
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Dodge colt 1993 no start no fire?

1989 dodge colt no start;noid light steady bright

Where is the ignitor located on a 1989 Dodge colt?

A ignitor, also known as a spark plug is located by following the wires from the distributor cap which is connected to said ignitor(s)

How do you change the clutch on a 1989 dodge colt?

Take out the transmission

Where is the coil wires on a 94 dodge colt 1.5liter?

There is none. The coil is inside the distributor.

Where is the coil on a 1993 Dodge Colt 1.5 and how does a person fix it?

I believe it is located under the distributor cap. At least that's where it is located on a 1991 dodge colt 1.5 litre.

1991 Dodge Colt how do you turn distributor to set timing?

unscrew the distributor pull it out about half way with the distributor cap off and turn the rotor clock wise to disired position

Is there a reset switch for the ignition on a 1989 Dodge colt gt turbo 1.6 liter?


Dodge Colt 1989 with a Mitsubishi 1.5 engine does not start when warm?

It starts better when its warm!

When was Dodge Colt created?

Dodge Colt was created in 1970.

Does 1993 colt 1.5 to install a distributor Does 1 need to TC on compression stroke?

Turn the engine until the #1 plug is at TDC on the compression stroke. Mark the distributor at that location. Install the new distributor and turn until you are at the exact same location. Have the timing checked after you get it started.

How do you install a distributor on a 1992 dodge colt?

Unbolt the two bolts on either side of the distributor. Disconnect the 2 lower electrical clips. Disconnect the upper clip. Slide distributor out, when re-installing it make sure the distributor "teeth" line up with the slot on the camshaft. Replug everything back in.also make sure it is on top dead centre on compression stroke or the timing will be way out!

Where is the reverse light switch on a manual 1989 Dodge Colt?

this question should be listed under automobile repair

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