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How do you install a fuel pump on a 1993 Chevy S10 truck?


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the library should have a shop manual for this vehicle :)

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Remove the fuel tank or remove the bed.

if it is a rochester carburetor, it is inside the carburetor just behind where the fuel line screws into it.

You must remove the fuel tank , the fuel pump is located inside the tank.

The 1993 s10 has a 20 gallon fuel tank. The vehicle was offered with either a cassette or cd player.

Inside the fuel tank. It's part of the sending unit assembly.

IT is in the fuel tank. IT is in the fuel tank.

A 1993 Chevy does not have a carburetor, it is fuel injected.

The 1974 Chevy truck has a mechanical fuel pump with a built in pressure regulator.

i need to find location of fuel filter on 1993 Chevy cavalier

yes but you need to cut the wires to the stock one in the tank or cap them

remove the bed of the truck.....

It controls / regulates the fuel pressure.

its in the fuel tank, built in as part of the fuel pump.

It is inside of the fuel tank. It is a electric fuel pump.

How is the easiest way to change a fuel pump on my k1500 Chevy pickup

how do you change a pump water on a 2004 Chevy truck k2500 hd

Yes it will fit but here's the problem. The transmission in the 94 is computer / electronic controlled and it must have all the engine sensors that the 94 engine has to shift right. You would also have to install a fuel pressure regulator to lower the fuel pressure. The 86 engine is NOT a computer controlled engine. You need to install a 1988 through 1995 engine in that truck so you won't have any problems. Then you will be done with it.

It is INSIDE the fuel tank. In 2004 chevy moved the fuel filter from inside of the drivers FRAME RAIL to the fuel tank.

It has an electric fuel pump and it is inside of the fuel tank.

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