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How do you install a psp onto a computer?

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first connect your psp to your computer with the USB cable then down load the game onto your psp and there u go biotchs

no cuz psp games are only made for psp devices.

No, you download them straight from the PSN using the PSP.

Well the PlayStation Store works by you put money on your account via credit card or voucher. Next you buy the games then the computer will download it onto the computer automatically. Next you plug the PSP GO into the computer with the USB cable that came with the PSP GO. And lastly select the games and drag the games onto the PSP GO on the sidebar and then it will automatically put the games onto the PSP GO.

You need to flash your PSP first. Then you can use a computer to copy the game from your disc to your memorycard.

Open my computer and then plug your psp in. A new drive should come up. Open it and select videos. Then go back to itunes, and drag the movie to the my computer task bar, without releasing the mouse, drag it onto the screen. If your psp has enough memory, it will put the movie onto your psp. I think it works, because that's exactly how i put music from itunes onto my psp!

Either plug the PSP into your computer, or transfer the file onto your PS3 (if you have one) and use the wireless connection to transfer the file to the PSP.

If Vista came installed with the computer when new then it's against the licensing agreement of Microsoft to install it onto another computer. Windows is tied to the hardware of the computer so you can't install it onto other computers. If you bought the computer and a retail version of Vista at the same time then yes you can de-authorize the old one and install it onto another one.

you have to put it in the video folder on the psp when you connect it to the computer if it isn't there make a folder called VIDEO in capitals

You must have a firmware installed other than the Official Sony firmware in order to use psp-pda. If you need help putting a "Custom Firmware" onto your psp you can find an almost limitless selection of tutorials online. Then you just need to place it in the game folder.

You can't currently run a psp game on computer hardware, and if it were ever possible you'd need a hacked PSP or an image of a game to run anyway.

You can search the internet for this : "Iron Man skin for PSP VC stories" Download the file. Connect your PSP to the computer and install the skin.

You can download it from psn. You either need to install it on your computer or access it on your psp if your psp version is 5.xx.

well yes it depends though if you have a usb cable that plugs in from psp to computer. here are the steps. 1. get your psp 2. have the usb cable lugged in to psp and computer 3. have psp on 4. click usb connection from settings in psp menu 5.wait.... 6. on computer your psp folders will pop up 7. click on psp then music and if you have music on there click on it and drag it out onto the desktop 8. then it will show u then you will just need to clikc on it and it should play.

Installation. You install programs onto your computer via software.

They are both the same thing as far as the PSP is concerned. When the game finishes downloading from the PlayStation Network, it is there on memory stick and ready to be played whenever. There is no formal 'install' procedure like for a PC game.

You must hook up your psp to your computer with the usb cable, then go to the PSP drive and open the folder MP_ROOT. The MP4 file must be placed in the 100MNV01 folder.

yes, run the installshield wizard, that is how you install the game onto your computer. but you need to install it on an Administrator's account on the computer, it will not allow you to install if you are on a limited account.

You can go onto the internet with the PSP and then click file and save image

Insert the disk, follow the instructions (language and serial number), it will then install on it's own.

Yes, if you would like to remove(un-install) a program you go onto the control panel and the go onto install, un-install a program then find the program you would like to un-install then click on it and un-install.

get a psp-usb cable attach to the top of your Psp and then your computer usb slot, it will then be in your computer, there you can access it

yes you can put songs on a memory stick for the psp but you have to connect a usb from the psp to a computer and open up the files of the psp and then open up the file where you will be getting the meida from and drag and drop the meida onto the psp files

Buy a psp USB cable plug in to psp and computer it will be in my computer

Download it from the enclosed link - it'll install itself.

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