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place it in the disk hole and it should install

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What to install to make your own ps2 video game?

how to make aplaystoin video game

How can you install saw the video game?

You can get it off of Steam.

How do you install the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire video game?

Insert the disc into your computer and then you should be promoted to 'install'. If you aren't, go to "My Computer" and click on the CD drive. Follow the steps to install and the game will run.

Where to download vice city in PC?

you can buy the disk from a video game retailer and install it in your comp.

How can you install video capture hardware on your computer?

how can i install video capture hardware???my PC saying video capture hardware not found

How hard is it to install the AMERICAN VIDEO EQUIPMENT 2148?

It is not that difficult to install the AMERICAN VIDEO EQUIPMENT 2148.

Are you in a video game?

No we are not in a video game..

Name something you might buy that has instructions printed in several languages?

TV, Computer, Medicine.Games, how to construct a tv, how to install a video game/computer game

Where can you download the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone video game?

The Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone video game is only available to play through purchase of the disc. If you buy the game for PC you insert the disc into your drive and then install the game onto your computer using the code on the back of the manual.

How do you reset the data on Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 the video game?

On the PC version, you can remove and re-install the game. On gaming consoles, you can start a new saved game.

When i play PC games... the video gets choppy. what can I do?

its possible that your game is not good enought for the video games or you need to update your video card and install graphic card files like Direct X

Is a video game considered a computer game?

No, a video game is not considered a computer game. A computer game is considered a video game, however.

What do you call someone who makes a video game?

A Video Game Developer, Video Game Designer, Game Producer.

What does a computer user need to know about programming in order to play a video game?

they just got to know how to install a program into a computer

Do you have to install Media Player to play online video games?

No. You do not have to install Windows Media Player to play online video games.

How do you get a video symbol next to your name on gmail chat?

Before you install voice and video, there will only be a green dot. If you install voice and video, there will be a little video icon. You don't even have to use the voice and video to get the icon, just have it installed.

What is damian mcgintys fav video game?

his fav video game if fifa.A soccer video game.

Is an ipod game considered a video game?

Yes. its a video and a game.

How do you disable the BIOS for a ATI PCI graphics card?

Are you trying to disable onboard video so you can install a pci video card? If so you have to disable onboard video in your computers bios. Then install your video card in an empty pci slot. Then install the drivers for your pci card in windows.

What counts as a video game?

A game that uses video

How do you install the fate stay night PC game?

Try going to youtube and type (How to install Fate/Stay Night using Daemon tools pro) its my video and so i helped many ppl:D

What is technical definition of a video game console?

A video game console is a device that outputs a video signal to display a video game. Simple as...

Can you install The Sims without the installation CD?

Nope! You have to have the game CD(s) that having the installation files for that game, or else you really don't have anything to install at all without them. You can buy this game online at The Sims 2 official website by EA Games through the link below, or you can visit your favorite video game store!

How do you get the Oregon Trail video game?

Just Google Oregon Trail game, you should come across a free online version of the game. You'll need to install an emulator plugin to play it, but after that, you should be good.

What was the latest video game made?

The latest video game is the civilization game.

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