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I have just done this on my 89 van

Remove door opener handle - push trim back from handle and remove c-clip - can be hooked out from the middle of the C or pushed out from the ends of the C - to refit handle afterwards, fit the c-clip to the handle, align at the angle you want and push handle firmly on till it clicks.

Remove door trim - the closing handle screws are covered by inserts that can be gently prised off, and unplug window and lock switches.

Support window from falling - I stuck a thin screwdriver through one of the handle screw holes.

Reach down in the front and unplug the motor.

To the front of the handle there are two upper nuts and three? bolts lower down. Remove them.

The motor is secured by three bolts inside the panel which cannot be accessed immediately.

if you push the whole assembly into the door so that the studs from the upper two nuts are free, you can shift the whole assembly about removing each of the three bolts when accessible. This is quite tricky because of the spring and be careful not to let the lever arms come out of their runners - get someone to help. The motor can now be released with a nudge and removed through the bottom of the front.

Because of the window guides etc, I could not remove the whole contraption without ta taking the motor off first.

If necessary, the rest of the mechanism can be released from the runners and removed via the rear of the door

While youre there give the lever arm pivots a spray and also spray the window guides and make sure the rollers on the end of the lever arms turn freely and the track is well greased.

There is a bolt at the rear of the door which is used to adjust the rear window guide if necessary

Best of luck

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Q: How do you install a window regulator in a 1994 Chevy G-20 van?
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