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If the network card comes with software (a disk) put it into the CD drive. You should be prompted to install the software. Once the software is installed you can insert the network card and start using it. Just make sure that you keep the software in a good place. Don't lose it you might need again. You will definitely need it if you plan on using the network card with another computer.

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Q: How do you install a wireless network card?
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What does a wireless desktop card do?

I wireless desktop card is hardware you install into your computer so you can connect your computer to a wireless network from a router or access point.

How do you install dlink G510 wireless network card?

You would place the device in your computer, then install the software that came with it.

What is a wireless PC card?

This is the network card that is used to connect to the wireless network

How do you get wireless to the internet?

You can get Wireless Interent with a wireless router and wireless card. Most laptops have a wireless card built in. Then you have to connect to a network whether it is WiFi or your own network.

Where can i buy a wireless network card?

"You can purchase a wireless network card at any Staples store. And as Staples has many locations and a website, buying the wireless network card should be easy through them."

How do you install a wireless card in a Dell Dimension 5100?

USB wireless card is convenient just plug and install a driver

Can wifi be used with a dell demension 4600?

Yes, however a built in wireless card is not available. You will have to either install a PCI wireless network card, or purchase a UDB wireless adapter. Most commonly with a desktop USB wireless adapters are most popular.

If you have an 802.11b wireless network card and an 802.11g wireless access point what will be the speed of the wireless network?

11 Mbps

How do you get a computer that has a wired internet connection wireless?

You need to change the network card in your computer with a wireless one, and buy a wireless router. Need 2 items: wireless router wireless network card

What would be the difference between installing a wireless network expansion card in a laptop compared to a desktop computer?

A destop must first be power off, and then you must open the destop's case in order to install the wireless network interface card. From Nareth Sok

What is a wireless card?

a "wireless card" is a network card that receives a high frequency signal from a wireless router or wireless access point. Same as an Ethernet Card/Network Interface Card(NIC), only wireless. A wireless Card is a network card which connects to a radio-based computer network, unlike a regular network interface controller (NIC) which connects to a wire-based network such as token ring or ethernet. A wireless Card, just like a NIC, works on the Layer 1 and Layer 2 of the OSI Model. A wireless Card is an essential component for wireless desktop computer. This card uses an antenna to communicate through microwaves. A wireless Card in a desktop computer usually is connected using the PCI bus. Other connectivity options are USB and PC card. Integrated WNIC's are also available, (typically in Mini PCI/PCI Express Mini Card form).

What is the hardware requirements of setting up a wireless network?

To create a wireless network you must have a wireless access point, and each PC you want connected to the network must have a wireless NIC (network interface card).

Should wireless card be removed before replacing it with a wireless usb adapter?

There should be no need to remove the wireless card, you can just disable it..... Vista - right click connections icon in bottom right corner of screen>>>>click 'Network and sharing centre' >>>> click 'Manage Network Connections >>>Right click 'Wireless Network Connection'>>>left click 'Disable' Then just install the USB adapter

How do you make my PC wireless?

Install some sort of wireless card, along with a wireless router.

What is the difference between a wireless LAN and a wireless G card?

There is LAN (Local Area Network) which is hardwired through ethernet cable. Then there is WAN (Wireless Area Network) which would be your Wireless G Card using no wires.

Why won't my computer won't connect to a wireless network?

Does it have a wireless card? Is the driver installed? Is your wireless access point on? Is the right password put in? Have you tried the card in a different computer? Different network?

How can your desk tops go wireless?

If you get a wireless card and a router and wireless network set up, then you have a wireless desktop.

How can you put your laptop wireless?

install a wireless card on your laptop, and have wireless internet (via modem) in your home

What is a wireless card for laptops and is it different than using a wireless router?

A wireless card for laptops is used to enable the laptop to connect to a wireless network. A wireless router is used to keep track of the whereabouts of devices connected to the network. It is part of the network. This is a very basic answer but I think it should be enough to answer your question.

A network card can be either wired or wireless?


Do you need a wireless network card when using a wireless network adaptor on your PC?

Yes your computer must have a network/wifi adapter to connect to your router.

Why would my laptop not detect wireless modem?

The only reason your laptop would not recognize a wireless router is either you do not have a wireless network card or your network adapter card is not working. Also, there is a switch on the side of your laptop that has to be turned on for your wireless network to come on. Check the switch first, if that does not do it then go into Device Manager and right click on your network adapter card and see if it says that it is wireless. If indeed it is a wireless modem, the most likely problem is that you do not have drivers.

What is edge modem?

It is a wireless card that operates off of AT&T's wireless edge network

What details of the wireless network are needed to install a wireless printer?

Information needed to assure successful configuration of a wireless printer for your wireless network includes your Wi-Fi network name and its password. Other information needed varies by operating system used in the network.

Is the 54g Wireless Notebook Network Card just for internet or does it work for other networking?

It is only for the internet, any other signal usage will not work with this wireless network card.